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Meher Baba

As the projection of the infinite divine sub-consciousness of God in the divine dream state gathers momentum, the divine dream, or the Creation, begins to evolve, and God in the divine semi-conscious state not only begins to experience the divine dream but simultaneously gets involved in His divine dream by identifying and associating Himself with all the things which He experiences in the field of cosmic evolution.

When the infinite divine sub-consciousness of God has projected infinitely through the creation point in the absolute vacuum, the whole Creation projects forth gradually and evolves in size, shape, form, colour, and so forth, in accordance with the intensity of the projection of the divine sub-consciousness.

At this stage God, in the Beyond the Beyond state of divine sound sleep, is just aroused from the divine sound sleep — not completely but semi-consciously — even after the complete emergence of the divine infinite sub-consciousness that was latent in God.

God, being now in the more evolved divine semi-conscious state, experiences more forcefully the divine dream and also identifies and associates Himself more intensely with His very Creation.

Gradually, though now more forcefully, God experiences Himself as everything in the cosmic evolution and identifies Himself with the universes, the airs, the inanimate and animate beings — such as stones, metals, vegetation. birds, worms, fishes, animals and human beings. God in this way receives apparently real, but really false, answers to His First Word "Who am I?", such as — "I am stone," "I am metal," and so forth, and finally obtains the answers "I am man," "I am woman."

When God identifies Himself with human beings, He is no longer semi-conscious; because at this state in the divine dream state, as soon as God identifies Himself with a human form He gains full consciousness.

Full consciousness now having been gained, this consciousness ought to dispel all dreams and cause God to experience the real awake state, giving Him the realization that He is God. At this stage, although God identifies Himself with human beings and although God is now fully conscious, with a feeling of greatest awareness, yet God has not realized His real, divine awake state because the full consciousness thus far gained is of the Nothingness of the Nothing which was latent and which is now manifested apparently as Everything through the projection of His own divine infinite sub-consciousness. This leads God to identify Himself with His projected creation rather than to become conscious of Himself as the real Everything and of His own identity as God.

In short, this is the stage at which God, while identifying Himself with human beings in full consciousness, still remains quite oblivious of His own real and original state of God-Is.


GOD SPEAKS, pp. 103-104
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