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Francis Brabazon

There are in the world many shrines of masters and monuments to God — prisons in which men keep the divine Beloved because they have not room in their hearts for Him. And succeeding generations bow down to this imprisoned God and implore benefits from Him.

This memorial will not be another such place. For we understand that it is but a sign and a symbol of Avatar Meher Baba's work in seclusion for humanity: a remembrance of the Sahavas He gave His lovers here at Guruprasad and of His Darshan which He gave the people generally — and especially of the great East-West Gathering when for the first time in known history, East and West met at the feet of the Lord.

This memorial will remain vital and therefore holy, by the works of love His lovers do in His Name. It will be a place where those who do not come to ask, but to offer themselves to the Beloved, will have their prayers granted.

~~Francis Brabazon
Guruprasad Memorial
February 3, 1973


Plaque on the wall near Beloved Baba's Chair
Guruprasad, Poona


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