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Bhau Kalchuri

During this period [1960], Jehangu Sukhadwala, Baba's niece Gulnar's husband, was working at the Poona airport. One evening as he was riding home on his scooter, he hit a pothole in the road and his brakes jammed. He was flung to the far side of the road, and his scooter went flying in the opposite direction. He emerged unscathed, and he attributed it to his crying out Baba's name with all his heart.

The next afternoon, when Jehangu excitedly recounted his "miraculous" escape to Baba, saying it was he who had saved him, Baba corrected him: "It is not my miracle. I do not perform miracles! You say that at the time of the accident you were wholeheartedly remembering me. So, call it the miracle of my name.

"When everything goes wrong, the mind becomes helpless and it has to rely entirely on the heart. These are the moments when you resign to my will and so rely solely on my help. When you leave all to me, I dare not care not, and you are relieved from the predicament."


LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol. 16, pp. 5714-5715
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