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Eruch Jessawala

January 5, 1956

The contents of your letter dated January 1 were read out to dear Baba.

Baba heard everything and is happy to learn that for the present all appears calm and soothing. To maintain such an atmosphere, much is required from both sides.

There cannot be a cyclone without there being a depression, a vacuum at the spot of the whirlwind. All the bustle and 'toofan' (storm) subsides spontaneously as soon as the vacuum is filled in to maintain equilibrium. Similarly, much of the side of the 'toofan' is to be rectified by your effort. Let the warmth of your love and fidelity to your wife never subside, and give no cause for the 'depression' to arise in the atmosphere.

It is for you to learn and live. There are many mishaps in life, and every mishap serves you as a knife. If you accept the handle of that knife, the knife will do you service; but if you grasp the blade of that knife, then there are chances of your being cut.

That is the reason why Baba wants you to take life seriously, but to be serious, means to be calm and serene under all and any situation. It is no use shouting at the top of your voice or getting furious with others. You are your own world and every creature is your own creation to serve your own purpose. If you are dead to yourself, the whole creation of yours will cease to exist for you. No doubt, life is a great joke — but at what cost? At your own cost! As you swallow, so shall you excrete!

Baba wants you to be a good boy, worthy of His great love for you and you can only become worthy when you begin to realize the worthlessness of all your paraphernalia.

Baba reminds you once again not to worry unnecessarily but to love Him alone because He is the only Real Thing worthy of being loved; the rest is but your responsibilities which you should discharge sincerely and honestly.


THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 181-182
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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