Symbols of the world's religions


Cynthia Adams' Story
By this time we knew that obedience to Baba's orders was of paramount importance and we were doing our utmost not to disobey him.
The Icon In Baba's Room
Donna Bayet: Remembering the painter's other icons, I knew that Baba must have been holding the paintbrush at all times Himself.
Baba Could Be Mysteriously Precise
Pendu while replying, happened to add that he had only four years left to live. Baba looked amused and asked, "Why?"
How Do You Like My Painting?
The artist looked round when Baba pointed to the beautiful scenery outside.
God Will See To The Results
Ivy O. Duce: Baba gave her his divine smile and said, "Yes, but it was this that earned you the right to be here with me."
The Thief
Ivy O. Duce: After a while the robber came to Baba and said to him, "You know, I have decided to take a job."
He Was God — Eternal
Ivy O. Duce: He had liked my Bach. So to make our exit with "spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle" seemed the most absurd thing in all the world, but that is how it was.
Sharing With The Lord
P. N. Ganjoo: No police could have helped me against the Divine Thief!
Prodigal's Return
Jean Adriel: Through dark days and light, through weakness and strength, through imperfect forms of love and through divine yearning, he has guided my footsteps lovingly, strongly, patiently, until now my pathway to his heart is clear of rubble and waste.
Thank Me Only For The Pain
Jean Adriel: Now, years later, I fully appreciate the wisdom of these words.
The Highest Form Of Love
Jean Adriel: I accepted the darkness, then I let go.
I Push You Away, Then I Draw You Close
Jean Adriel: Again I push you off and draw you even closer; now I push you far away and the next time I draw you back to me it will be to remain one with my Universal Self, forever.
Hadn't You Heard About The Meeting?
Jean Adriel: He told us that a most important "meeting" had been held in the Eiffel Tower, and that ever since it had been difficult to hold himself in his physical body.
Spiritual Power-House
Jean Adriel: Frederick wondered at the change from the desperately crushed individual who had talked with him at the seaside to this dynamic, creative artist.
Both Good And Bad Are Mine
Shireen A. Irani, Naosherwan Irani: When Baba told her that he loved her, she went over and said in his ear: "I love you even more."
My First Taste Of Sisterhood With Baba
Joanna Bruford: It opened a book on the sisterhood of women to me.
Grace From The Master
Elizabeth Patterson: Through the experience of sharing Baba's suffering to a degree, I feel my life, instead of being nearly cut off, was extended for a purpose.
I Have Never Seen Another Like Him
K. K. Ramakrishnan: His smile was so enticingly enchanting that those who were blessed to witness it would want to lose themselves in it.
Whether You Follow Me Or Not
No matter if she doubts me, or does not even believe in me. I will help her.
The All-Knowing And All-Pervading One
A. V. Raghavulu: Dr. Moorty and I were amazed.
Only My Mother Understood
Arsenio Rodriguez: 'Don't worry,' He said, 'I am in both Jesus and Baba, love me as either, for I will always be with you.'
Test Of The Avatar
John A. Grant: I was stunned. A most incredible thing had just happened.
What Are We Supposed To Be Doing?
Pete Townshend: Here am I, in suburban Twickenham, skinny, vain, and obsessed by the word "forward"; how am I equipped to begin to understand Infinite Love?
I Tear Up My Flying Saucer Mags
Pete Townshend: Only one person on this earth is capable of an absolute perfect love for all and everything, and that is, when earth is fortunate enough to be his illusory host, the Messiah.
With My Prayers
Pete Townshend: Immediately I heard a voice say, "Go back to The Who until further notice."
Straight Through My Eyes And Into My Soul
Pete Townshend: When I went into Karen's room to comfort her, the room was filled with angels.
Drugs He Wished Sincere Followers To Stop Abusing
Pete Townshend: In California I met a whole group of Meher Baba lovers from the Bay area through my friend Rick Chapman.
There Is Always Something Unsaid
Pete Townshend: When we speak about loving someone, there is always something unsaid.
We Were Astounded At How We Had Bounced Back
Pete Townshend: The last show of the tour, in October at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, was a triumph.
Service Of The Most Humbling Kind
Pete Townshend: When you get to my age, charity work becomes a necessary fact of life, through it we old rock stars get to stay in contact with the rigours of the real world and also get to meet many new people.
The Divine Mother Herself
Sadhu C. Leik: When the Self revealed Itself to the self as the Self of all, I realized the truth of it.
To Be At Peace With Oneself
Beryl Williams: I felt a great burden lifted from my heart which until that moment I'd been unaware of even carrying.
He Wept All Night Long
Minoo, Jane Haynes: It was not until many months later that Minoo learned an astonishing fact.
He Says He Never Performs Miracles
Hilla Talwar: He took my face lovingly in His beautiful hands and said, "Is that all you are unhappy about?"
Beautiful Memories Of My Childhood With Baba
Hilla Talwar: I was a mischievous child and used to lead the nuns in the convent a merry dance with my terrible behavior.
One Who Follows
Ben Leet, Billi Eaton: "Ours is the most intimate of relationships, not even a shadow should come between us."
I Approached Him With Joy In My Heart
Esphandiar Vesali: In an instant I forgot the thirty-five years of separation from Him.
His Contact Proved A Link
Shribhai, Bhau Kalchuri: "Don't run away," Baba advised, "Go and surrender yourself to the police."
The Many Rather Than The One
"Now I give you a choice between my coming and my people coming for lunch!"
Compassion That Passes Understanding
Kohiyar Satarwalla: I was thunderstruck at Baba's compassion — how infinite it is!
Every Person Has Done Something Wrong
Bailey Irani, Bhau Kalchuri: God is there to forgive.
With You Till The Very End
Pratap Ahir: I am the only companion who is with you from the very beginning and will remain with you till the very end.
Playing With Baba
M. B. Khandale: And indeed he was in an especially happy and excited mood for the rest of the day.
Hearts That Are Broken
Henry Kashouty: Shortly after this staggering event, Baba appeared in my dream.
First Physical Contact With Baba
Dr. G. S. N. Moorty: Giving a soft slap on my cheek Baba pointed to my suspended body and said, "Yes. This is the living garland. But I want you to become a Real Living Garland."
What Sort Of Avatar Is He?
Dr. G. S. N. Moorty: Oh! how difficult it is to carry a single embrace....
I Never Embraced Moorty
Dr. G. S. N. Moorty: Beloved Lord Baba turned to me again and said: "You transfer that Embrace to your wife right now."
Master Key To Solve All Such Problems
Dr. G. S. N. Moorty: When the contents of that passage were fully read out by me, I felt internally that all my questions were answered and I had no more queries to ask.
Baba Canceled Out The Impressions
Eventually Waman came to hold a high governmental post in Maharashtra.
The Turning Point In My Life!
C. G. Nair: I can now understand why you all flock to him and stick to him as you do.
A Sort Of A Warning For Me
Dr. Abdul Ghani, Munsiff: The following morning I was given for the first time an unusually cold reception altogether unlike what I was used to.
I Would Be Welcome To The Circle Of Friends
Dr. Abdul Ghani, Munsiff: The usual coterie of familiar faces was there right enough, but amongst them I was pleasantly surprised to find Meher Baba whom I could not resist the temptation of greeting in the most informal manner the way I was used to in school and college days.
Baba's Driver That Day
Jimmy Mistry, Bhau Kalchuri: He got to be Baba's driver that day, and being in Baba's presence was an exhilarating experience.
You Look Really Comfortable
Lud Dimpfl: I still didn't realize that I was talking to God.
Well, Of Course Not, Baba
When he needed to get something out of his suitcase, Joseph had the habit of placing it on Lud's bed to open it.
I Am That Mr. God, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Shatrughan Kumar: The thought just came to me that the only way out of jail was to ask God to help me.
I Had Found God
Shatrughan Kumar: Something like an electrical current passed through my body and I began to perspire till I was completely soaked.
I Took The Boy's 'Prasad'
Kishan Singh: Baba walked straight into the Tomb followed by those who were accompanying him.
The War Is Over
Bili Eaton: Baba had freed me to a great extent from the bondage of sex, not that He has eliminated sex attraction, but more that He has delivered me from slavery to it.
It Was Fortunate That I Was Already Sitting Down
Bili Eaton: It did convince me that no love anywhere on earth or elsewhere can compare with the love of God for His creatures.
Giving Out Prasad
Bili Eaton: I had received prasad only from Baba and saw no reason to make any change — either in giving or receiving it.
Honeymoon With Baba
Bili Eaton: He made a short gesture of dismissal and only then was I able to leave, although not easily.
Baba's Personality Blocked Out Everything And Everyone Else
Bili Eaton: Time stood still and yet it seemed hours were going by, although it could only have taken me a few seconds to reach Baba.
That Unforgettable Smile
Jane B. Haynes: The sudden turn, the quick movement, the glance, even His features were for one instant my dad.
Helping Me Clear Out The Rubbish
Bella S.: When I woke, the whole conflict was gone, as if it had been erased from my consciousness.
He Made Me Do A Good Job
John Mijac: The tattoo artist said, "I know he appreciates that tattoo; I felt him here with me the whole time I was doing it."
One Of Those Transcendent Moments
Heather Nadel: Oh my goodness, it's Marin County! Where I lived! Yes, where I lived. In 1956. When I was six years old.
In His Unseen Hands
Heather Nadel: The episode of the two guiding hands became transformed in my mind into a sign from Beloved Baba — that He had had me in His hands from the very first evening I heard His Name, and probably for ages before.
The One Who Is Always Listening!
Heather Nadel: Beloved Baba gives us trials by fire. But the rain of His grace and His help is like no other on earth — when in trouble, call on the One who is always listening!
Invisible Hands On The Wheel
Heather Nadel: And from that moment when I experienced Baba in my heart, I have never had a doubt in all these years. The conviction that I got in that moment was indelible—indelible. And that's my story.
Deepest In His Heart
Eric Nadel: He saw the desert come clearly into view and watched the little lumps turn into mountains and mesas; here and there vegetation became visible, and faint lines turned into 6 lane highways.
When Your Heart Truly Yearns
Freny R. Dadachanji: Throughout those precious moments my experience and feeling was, "How soft, like a baby, a cotton puff and the clouds, all rolled into one is Beloved Baba!"
The Day Of The Double Rainbows
William M. Stephens: I know I will never forget the day of the double rainbows — one for Meher Baba and one for Hazrat Babajan — which were like God's loving arms, outstretched to hold all of us at Meherabad in their grasp.
If We Constantly Repeat His Name
William M. Stephens: From my first attempts, my repetitions of the Beloved's name were mostly silent. When alone, however, I often spoke aloud.
I Was Inspired By Kaikobad, Part 1, Part 2
William M. Stephens: I was inspired by Kaikobad, the disciple of Meher Baba who had been repeating Baba's name 100,000 times a day since 1943, when Meher Baba directed him to do so.
Considering The Importance Of Repeating Baba's Name
William M. Stephens: High volume repetitions are, in the beginning, very exhausting and difficult.
When My Clients Hear Voices
William M. Stephens: During all those years when I went to court frequently, I always placed an empty chair beside me at the counsel table, and I silently asked Baba to take a seat as I held the chair for Him.
Do Not Forget To Remember Me
Allan Y. Cohen: If you just take my name at the moment of dropping your body, you will come to me. Yes, anyone.
Union And Separation Again
Prof. Amiya K. Hazra: My heart had again met the Beloved and Oh! how compassionately He had come all these miles in His inexplicable manner to give me His Darshan.
I Clung At Each And Every Thing
Prof. Amiya K. Hazra: What was I doing? Just one 'glimpse' and I was about to do away with my gross life.
How Fortunate Were We Indeed
Prof. Amiya K. Hazra: As the car sped towards the station I could not help wondering again about Baba's Omniscience and Love for us.
You Have To Become God
Prof. Amiya K. Hazra: Well, I felt all my sins being washed away by that holy touch and my heart full of misgivings was set to rest.
Judge With A Difference
Prof. Amiya K. Hazra: But now that you have been acquainted with Him for the last twenty years or more, what is your opinion about Him?"
The Most Sublime Truth Incarnate
Prof. Amiya K. Hazra: The greatest feeling that I experienced in His presence was that I was redeemed and freed from all my sins of omissions and commissions.
Quit When The Harvester Comes
W. D. Kain: And when I woke up, the All India Radio was broadcasting the same song which I had composed and sung several hundred years back!
Baba Came On The Full Moon Night
W. D. Kain: Baba touched my head and as I got up to have a look at Him, Baba had disappeared as mysteriously as He had appeared.
Lucky Fish In Baba's Net
W. D. Kain: Somehow or other Baba made us realise that He was the best fisherman, and has got all of us in his net — the lucky fish!
Maybe He Kissed Me
W. D. Kain: Baba then gave me a very loving embrace or maybe he kissed me which brought me to my normal self.
Of Course I Knew
Dina was taken aback, and then Baba inquired, "Tell the truth. Has anyone touched any of the ingredients today?"
Not Even One Sleepless Night!
Zarine T. Mavalvala: With tranquility of heart, I fell at His Feet for the saving grace He had bestowed upon me — I would never, ever take down His picture now!
With A Twinkle In His Eye
Oswald Hall, John A. Grant: He was not selected for jury duty that day, and he was able to be with Meher Baba for the rest of the time that Baba was in Melbourne.
They All Became Very Friendly
Alain Youell, Ivy O. Duce: At this time Baba told him that he must now get on with the job of getting along with his family.
Loving Thanks To The Ocean Of Love
Bernice Ivory: I found tears rolling down my cheeks, and a wonderful feeling remained with me a long time.
Seventy-Two Generations Of Lucky Ones
Irene Billo, Bhau Kalchuri: Your father was very lucky.
You Should Know Yourself
Irene Billo: To brave the world freely this way was far more difficult than to obey any difficult rules Baba had given, because one could always hold onto the rules.
Our Lives Renewed In His Love
Arlene and Eileen: Then his body split into two — two of Him. He went away very quickly into both of us at the same time.
She Asked Him To Say Baba's Name
In the morning while Khorshed and her mother were sitting in the next room and Baba was with Kaikhushru, Baba told Khorshed to sing to her father.
Emotional Energy Is Freed Up
Don E. Stevens: None of us realize how much time and energy we use up nor how much unconscious tension we generate in fabricating and then remembering all the big and little stories and white lies we tell in our daily lives.
Knowing Who You Are
Don E. Stevens: The essential is to know, or at least to have faith, that it is the Avatar himself who is in charge of working out these complex matters in each human being.
Letter From Beryl Williams To Martin Luther King, Jr.
You will find in this sacred assembly, true brothers in God — of every race, nationality and religion — who out of a profound love for God, have offered their lives in their entirety on the altar of His selfless service.
Journey Out Of Darkness
Lyn Ott: "What do you mean, God will help us?" I demanded, raising my voice. "God will help us! What does that mean — God will help us?"
It Is Surely Here
Lyn Ott: When I was with Baba in 1965, He was very interested to hear of our visit the day before to the samadhi of Hazrat Babajan.
A Moment Of Surrender
Lyn Ott: Rather than giving me strength, He had taken away all of my strength, so there was nothing for me in that moment but surrender. The tension was gone.
The Guide
Lyn Ott: To walk I must be held by the hand so that I may not stumble on my way; yet it has been given to me to teach others to see what has been shown to me.
Apprehended The True Message
Darwin C. Shaw: I saw through the media's sensationalized presentation and apprehended the true message — the message I had been longing to receive.
An Indescribably Glorious Moment
Darwin C. Shaw: This was our first glimpse into the infinite pools of Divine Love that were Meher Baba's eyes.
Furtive Intimate Exchanges
Darwin C. Shaw: To her surprise, just as she turned, Baba, whose back was to us, also turned and, looking directly at her, folded his hands and bowed slightly to her.
My Master, At Last I've Found You
Darwin C. Shaw: Baba looked very beautiful, and he greeted us with a smile and motioned for us to sit beside him on the bed.
Time Seemed To Vanish
Darwin C. Shaw: Baba filled our hearts with love and light. Being with him was a taste of Heaven itself.
Inner Relationship With Baba
Darwin C. Shaw: Thus Baba confirmed that our inner relationship with Him is a valid one and not just our imagination.
If This Was Correct
Darwin C. Shaw: I was all for making a permanent move to New York City with my family in order to be closer to the group working for Baba, but Jeanne was not in favor of the idea
While Flooding My Heart And My Whole Being
Darwin C. Shaw: Part way through the meal, Baba began replying to my letter, with his unmistakable love welling up through my heart center.
At The Feet Of The Christ
Darwin C. Shaw: So there I was at the feet of Christ.
The Wildest Dream A Person Could Have
Darwin C. Shaw: God would manifest in some unmistakable way, revealing the answer to the mystery of life and of Himself.
Repudiating The Path Of Power
Darwin C. Shaw: I entered a state of heightened perception and detached alertness so that I would become invulnerable to this psychic invasion.
The Inner Voice, Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Lady Dorothy Hopkinson died last August [1993] after completing, with her husband Tom, an astonishing biography of Meher Baba, titled The Silent Messenger. We feature the last chapter of the yet unpublished biography.
Steps Of Love
Iran Azendumush: When we saw Baba, we saw he was much more beautiful and much more radiant than before. He looked just like an angel.
The Glass Of That Photo Cracked
His asthma was in fact his greatest friend because it had brought him to the Lord of his heart, Avatar Meher Baba.
Meher Baba In Majorca
Michael Da Costa: What is not so easy is to feel his presence among the hoards on package holidays, even though I know that he is there too.
Take The Heat Off!
Jay Schauer: At the time of this story, I had just taken a job selling beachfront condominiums at a resort near the Meher Center.
Baba Is Always With Me
M. K. Dhakephalkar: My eyes well with tears of joy and gratefulness and I felt guilty that I had disturbed Baba for a trifle.
Baba Helps Us Get Rid Of Our Vices
M. K. Dhakephalkar: Snuff was the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning.
Baba Oversees Everyone
M. K. Dhakephalkar: The fly was quite near my eyes — just half-inch away. But I could not see it either getting in or going out of my mouth.
I Knew That "I Was In For Something."
Fred Frey, Jr.: A quick twinkle was shot my way. From this and the vibrant twitching of the fingers of His right hand and the expression on His face, I knew that "I was in for something."
More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow
Barbara O'Donnell: The French say about love, "Plus qu'hier, moins que demain" (more than yesterday, less than tomorrow). Looking back, it always amazes me that there was a time, even yesterday, when I loved Baba less than now — and I look forward with delight to loving and pleasing Him more.
Me In The Arms Of God!
Ann Forbes: Baba was standing about thirty feet from me looking in the other direction when, slowly, to my utter joy, He turned His head and out of the corner of His right eye, gave me that last glance. I was in exultation.
Always One Up On Us
Rhoda Adi Dubosh: Suddenly we saw a car approaching at full speed, honking. Kohiyar stopped abruptly. "It's Baba!" he said. "That's His car."
Am I Not Your Father?
T. K. Ramanujan: Well, how can your mother be a widow then?
A Pinch Of Salt
Gokaran Srivastava: I was so ungrateful and unconcerned about other things that at that time I never bothered to enquire about the place. I wanted salt and I got it so I was happy.
How Many Such Daughters Do You Want?
Sulay: In his first interview he told Baba about the sad and untimely death of his daughter.
Elephant Walk To God
Nancy Hall: As we settled ourselves for the sixteen kilometer trip my friend nudged me and said, "Look, Baba wants you so much that He's even provided you with an elephant."
What Took You So Long?
Sue Chapman: It was truly the most amazing gift a person could ever receive, to find the real Christ at Christmas time.
How My Ego Met Mehera In Meherazad
Michael Da Costa: Looking at me sternly he pointed towards the porch and said 'Go and say goodbye to Mehera!'
Don't You Trust Me?
Hedi Mertens: "I can see the children now," Baba informed her with a smile on His face and jokingly continued, "They are sitting under a large umbrella out in the garden with their grandmother."
I Know Baba Is The Truth
Walter Mertens: For about two hours, I am in this pure happiness, freed from all the give and take of polarities.
"Unless You Become Like These Small Ones..."
V.F.: Her heart was silently crying out for her Beloved, and many times, while the other children were playing, she would just sit quietly in a corner or stand by, lost in what she felt inside.
A Unique Cure For Hiccups
Tuck Andress: I finally, in desperation, began to repeat His name. And the next hiccup never came! It was the most amazing coincidence.
A Nazar For Which The Aspirants So Fervently Long
Keshava Narayan Nigam: I found that my both daughters had truly sorted out Baba's letter, and this made me feel how Baba's 'NAZAR' was on my whole family!
They Have Touched My Heart Deeply
Keshava Narayan Nigam: On the way Baba said to me, "You must go to Delhi with me."
Baba Badge As A Reward
Keshava Narayan Nigam: In the drama, I had acted the role of a female and through the veil I had shot a love-glance at Baba.
God Always Helps The Truthful
Keshava Narayan Nigam: My interview finished. I felt completely relieved of all the burden I had been carrying on my head so long.
The Promise
Dr. Harry Kenmore: But in making my 'full report' of my epic-making visitation with the Avatar, I meticulously omitted mentioning "the promise."
That Beautiful Gesture
Shelley Marrich: To my utter surprise and joy, it was a small reproduction of that poster, "How to Love God."
Each One Was Baba's Favorite
Jeff Wolverton: Baba began looking at everyone in the room, and I could see that each one was his favorite.
Baba At The Hasty Tasty
Jeff Wolverton: I started to turn my head towards the chair but there was such an overwhelming brilliance that my eyes could only bear to see the outer fringes of this great brilliance!
I Am There Too
L. B. Thade: When I arrived at his house, to my complete surprise I saw a big photo of Baba there!
He Looks Wise But Why Does He Say Not To Take Drugs?
Bif Soper: It's not really possible to describe it, but I had a sense that Meher Baba was all around me.
Blessing Of All Humanity Born During This Avataric Age
Charmian Knowles: We never went at less than a run — no walking anyplace.
Boiling With White-Hot Fury
Charmian Knowles: Now I could literally feel the threads of feeling Baba was pulling out of me.
The Journey To Baba Is From Here To HERE
Robert Dreyfuss: I gestured from my head to my heart. Then I sat down.
Between The Beloved And His Most Devoted Of Lovers
Robert Dreyfuss: As soon as I saw Baba, I immediately stood up and Baba waved to me from the end of the hall to sit down.
Seven Directives For My Life
Dick Anthony: I had written him a letter asking to have everything I did connected with him and blessed by him.
I Am That One God
Seeta Ram Swami: While Baba was gesturing this, I saw, in a flash, my deity, Lord Shankara, in His person.
It Is Just As It Should Be
Ruano Bogislav: Through my sobs I tried to tell Him how sorry I was that I could not stop crying.
The Universal Surgeon
B. Mohan Das: Only then did I realize what I had done, that I had bent my stiff leg for the first time in forty years — I could not believe it!
He Not Only Changes Us, He Also Charges Us
Ruth White: Those receiving it become transmitters more or less and are able, without words, to convey it to others.
The Greatest Love Of The Lovers Of God
Phyllis Silverman Ott-Toltz: Because Mirabai had no fear of being killed by men for expressing publicly this love, Phyllis experienced her own emancipation.
The Answer Came In His Silence
Phyllis Silverman Ott-Toltz: Baba gazed into Phyllis' eyes in silence, no gestures, only silence.
You Must Smile
Phyllis Silverman Ott-Toltz: "Well, I'll show you how to smile," replied Mehera, both kind and concerned.
Father Would Bring Mummy To Tears, Part 1, Part 2
Najoo Kotwal: She began to fear that Father might leave her and the world behind and go live in a forest in the Himalayas.
I Shall See To Their Littlest Needs
Najoo Kotwal: He was God-Man to Father, and Mother to Mummy, but He would always be Big Daddy to Hilloo, Adi and me.
Thoughts That Would Displease Him
Najoo Kotwal: She wondered what would happen to Adi, Hilloo and me if she were to die.
For The Sake Of The Love Of His One Lover
Najoo Kotwal: For the sake of the love of His one lover, Savak, the Lord took upon Himself the burden of an entire family.
It Exemplifies My Father's Character
Najoo Kotwal: His stepmother's unkindness and neglect, along with his father's telling him that true love comes only from God, had led my father to seek God's love.
Meeting With Beloved Baba
Najoo Kotwal: I recall the scene as vividly as if it were being shown as a movie on a big screen: Savak's Dream Comes True.
Wasting Water
Najoo Kotwal: It was in moments like this that the Lord of the Universe saw to the smallest details of our lives.
With Divine Tenderness
Najoo Kotwal: Tears began to roll down her cheeks, as Baba had touched a most vulnerable place in her heart.
Mummy Was Disturbed About Having Displeased Baba
Najoo Kotwal: Since the day's chapatis had not yet been rolled and baked, Mummy sent the previous day’s stale chapatis for the masts.
Meheru Was The One Hilloo Most Looked Up To
Najoo Kotwal: Meheru could outrun all the other children, win all the games they played, climb trees quicker and higher than the others, swing highest on the swing, and do handstands, somersaults and cartwheels, which none of the others could do.
Dacoits Hiding In The Mountains
Najoo Kotwal: It was freezing cold that night and because Adi was still in poor health, Mummy wrapped him up in her woolen coat.
First Prasad
Najoo Kotwal: Beloved Baba listened to her patiently and then He took a rose from a vase nearby. He plucked a few petals and lovingly put them in her mouth, just as a mother would feed a small child.
He Seemed To Be Floating Above The Path
Najoo Kotwal: Baba would allow us children to walk with Him almost to the railroad tracks at the base of the Hill.
Baba Loved And Cared For Us Children
Najoo Kotwal: The Meher Retreat on the Hill had become my heaven on earth, right from the beginning of our stay there.
For The First Six Months Of His Life In The Ashram
Najoo Kotwal: Father was directed not to read or write, and he had to keep complete silence.
The Message: Seven Realities Of Meher Baba's Teaching
Najoo Kotwal: Thousands of copies of this pamphlet were distributed, and Baba specifically instructed that it be given to those in charge of all the temples, mosques, churches and ashrams.
Hilloo Knew That Her Big Daddy Was Helping Her
Najoo Kotwal: I used to write long letters to Mummy about all the pranks Hilloo was playing and her attitude toward the nuns, and Mummy would take the letters to Baba and read them out to Him.
I Am Saying Sorry On Her Behalf
Najoo Kotwal: I have always felt that they could have channeled Hilloo's excess energy into something more positive instead of just scolding and punishing her all the time.
Million-Dollar Welcome Smile
Najoo Kotwal: We would knock and go in, eager to be greeted by His million-dollar welcome smile.
Baba — The Divine Guard
Waryam Singh Sahni: I gathered some courage and then collected all people and told them I had prayed to Meher Baba to see that tigers do not come to that area henceforth.
Meher Baba Lovers Have Increased
Waryam Singh Sahni: When I first met Meher Baba, He was in a reclining position and now too, He is in a reclining position.
A Hidden Volcano
Minoo Kharas: Thus we see that a very amazing tug-of-war between "God-hunt" on one side and "lust-love-feeling" on the other commenced and continued in my life from the very early days.
Meeting Meher Baba
Cynthia Barrientos: Within a few weeks, I met this "man" in a dream.
Remarkable Coincidence?!
Charmian Duce Knowles: I was crying miserably over a magazine picture of a joyous young man rolling down a sunlit hill.
You Handled God's Body
Dr. Harry Kenmore: I was to do my work in my way to give me the complete freedom and the use of His body for this reconstruction work. I had a cart blanch to do virtually anything I pleased.
He Knew That I Would Remember
Malcolm Schloss: Baba, who never speaks an idle word, now was choosing his words with special care.
A Priest's Search For Reality
Ed Flanagan: Then somebody popped up with Meher Baba's name and he [Oscar Ichazo] responded, "Meher Baba is who he says he is. He is the Avatar of the age."
Baba's Calling Card
Shelley Marrich: As I wove my way through the people, I noticed that a card had fallen from the bookshelf onto the floor in the very spot that was open for me.
Baba's Way
Bill Cliff: One day, in the midst of this inner turmoil, as I was driving along a busy street, the following thought occurred to me: "Oh Baba, you really do take away all our little props and supports and leave us with nothing left to hold on to except you."

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