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Minoo Kharas

Then he addressed my struggle with Maya and kam, saying, "Today I am giving you a MASTER KEY, which note carefully. He who always loves is in me, but he who always engages in lust keeps away from me. Be very, very careful. If you really desire to be near and with me, AVOID LUST. As soon as you are dragged heavily by lust, close your eyes and try to concentrate at the root of the nose between the two eyes and think of me. Do not do this for a long time."

Further on, he said, "Love lifts a man up, while passion or lust drags him down below. Do not worry for being lifted up by love, worry for being pulled down by lust. It follows that if you are not pulled down, you will automatically be pulled up."

He also said, "You know, passion is really very trivial. It is just a number of hugs and kisses and finally the act, a couple of moments of pleasure. Immediately the 'realization' comes that one has been brought down by lust — but such realization is false, for it does not last eternally. Though a person may say to himself, 'That was the last time,' he never gives it up. This struggle is eternal, and only those who go through it successfully are fortunate to be 'Realized' in the true sense."

I said, "When Vishvamitra and other yogis are said to have failed in this struggle, who are we and what am I to attempt it?"

He said, "Yes, but you make the initial effort, and then be worthy of my grace. This struggle hardly leaves a person unless he has the hand of a living God on his head."


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