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Meher Baba

The human soul has three bodies — gross, subtle and mental. Though overlapping each other, they would still impel the soul in three psychic dimensions were there no point of interaction or fusion between them. This contact of the intertwining of the bodies invites action and interaction between the three bodies.

With most men the life of action means nothing but inner confusion and outer chaos — a jumble from which they cannot extricate themselves. To annul this confusion it is necessary to strive for conscious inaction which is the goal; and this striving for conscious inaction requires conscious action. This particular type of conscious action, which leads one on to conscious inaction, operates trans-bodily and requires vehicular purity and concord. In the Beyond-Beyond state of God there is unconscious inaction; at the goal of man there is conscious inaction; and in the intermediate state there is conscious action which is established in illusion.

The fusion point becomes the medium for effecting harmony between all three bodies. If the Masts (God-intoxicated souls) are to be brought down from the mental to the subtle or from the subtle to the gross, this has to be effected through the contact of intertwinement. This fusion point also brings all three bodies under the control of what is sometimes called the Universal Body, which is the seat of the Universal Mind.

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