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Be brave. Be happy. I and you all are One. And the Infinite that eternally belongs to me will one day belong to every individual.

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The Dust You Were Not Even Conscious Of
Reality needs illusion in order to point out that this is illusion.
The Om Point
Those who have realized God constantly see the universe as springing from this Om Point, which is in everyone.
Adam And Eve
The All-Pervading King (Sarvasva) is Adam, Maya (Vaikunth) is Eve, and they once slept happily together in the Paradise of the Beyond-Beyond.
When Energy Clashed With Matter
When Energy (Pran) clashed with Matter (Akash) four things appeared — fire, water, air and earth — in quick succession.
The Entire Theme Of Creation
Baba had just laid the entire theme of creation before us and it was absolutely awe-inspiring.
What Is The Difference Between Destiny and Chance?
Destiny, or the goal that souls have to attain, is Realization of God; but actually Chance is different for every individual.
Rays Of The Supreme All-Power
So this gross human mind which is so powerful and able to think and act, to invent so many things, that is able to imagine anything — is really nothing but a trickle of that infinite knowledge of the sun.
Evil As A Relic
Thus generally speaking, the path lies from evil to good and then from good to God, Who is beyond both good and evil.
It Is Here That Illusion Ends
Shadow is nothing, but in spite of its being nothing, to bring it into existence is illusion.
You Never Die
All the so-called births and deaths are only sleeps and wakings.
Where Does Sound Go?
All the sound gathers together and is ultimately used for spiritual creation.
Like God's Hair
The barber's work is to shave the head. And who is the barber in this case!
Ignorance Personified
When the bubble of ignorance bursts the self realizes its oneness with the indivisible Self.
The Procession Of Creation
Creation, Preservation and Dissolution are based on Ignorance.
Man Is Far Superior To Angels
It rarely happens, but after millions and millions of years one angel is born as a human being in order to realize its Real Self. Why?
Reality And Illusion
God is absolutely Independent, and the universe is entirely dependent upon God.
One IS
All that we can ever say is: God is, or, One is.
Conscious Action
This fusion point also brings all three bodies under the control of what is sometimes called the Universal Body, which is the seat of the Universal Mind.
Material Science Enhances The Ego-Life
Material science and spiritual science both yield proofs and demonstrations — material science brings results through intellect, spiritual science through love.
God Is Infinite Voice, Infinite Light and Infinite Love
How can you grasp it? Impossible. How can you understand God as Voice and your becoming that Voice?
The Very Goal Of Creation
If the absentminded man in the story were to learn to know himself through himself independently of any external sign, his self-knowledge would be comparable to the true Self-knowledge of the soul.
Goal Of Life In Creation
The Goal of Life in Creation is to arrive at purposelessness, which is the state of Reality.
Universal Body
There are no divisions in Paramatma; only the One Indivisible Ocean of Reality exists as Eternal Existence.
Energy, Mind And Happiness Of Nothingness
Each of these finite bases of the triple nature of man — the energy, the mind and the body (typifying happiness) — is closely linked with and upheld by each of the three infinite bases of the trio-nature of God (sat-chit-anand), infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss.
Existence Is Substance And Life Is Shadow
Birth and death do not mark the beginning or end of life.
Only In The Midst Of Life
It is only in the midst of life that limitation can be experienced and transcended, and that subsequent freedom from limitation can be enjoyed.
Real Birth And Real Death
What really happens in the intermediate stage known as births and deaths is that the limitations of consciousness gradually wear off till it (consciousness) is free of all limitations.
The Whole Universe Is Only A Dream
It can be called a "waking-dream."
The Slow And Gradual Ascent Of An Ant
The navel represents the "OM" point of creation.
Stages Of Development
A person has to pass through three stages before Realization — evolution, reincarnation and advancement on the path.
But There Was...
But there was a hen!
Reunion With God?
If mankind believes that man is separated from God (is it a problem?) and the purpose of life is to attain reunion with God, how should one go about?

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