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Meher Baba

In man, the mind is the seat of desires and thoughts, energy is the seat of force and vigour, and the body, typifying happiness, is the seat of happiness and misery. Hence these desires and thoughts, force and vigour, happiness and misery are respectively the finite aspect of the limited mind, energy and body of man.

Although these aspects of the finite basis of the triple nature of man — the mind, the energy and the body (typifying happiness) — are finite, due to the fact that they are the outcome of manifestation of the most finite Nothing, yet these finite aspects of mind, energy and body demonstrate their capabilities ad infinitum.

This is because each of these finite bases of the triple nature of man — the energy, the mind and the body (typifying happiness) — is closely linked with and upheld by each of the three infinite bases of the trio-nature of God (sat-chit-anand), infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss.

The fact is that when the latent infinite trio-nature of God is gradually manifested out of the gradual projection of the finite Nothing, and when it simultaneously protrudes the projection of the finite Nothing as Nothingness manifested ad infinitum, this very same infinite trio-nature of God, at this state of manifestation, becomes enmeshed in the apparent and false infinity of the Nothingness and thus gets itself expressed as the finite triple nature of man with capabilities demonstrated ad infinitum.

How (1) the mind, (2) the energy and (3) the body, as the triple nature of man, demonstrate their capabilities ad infinitum in Illusion is clearly experienced through (1) the inventive mind of a scientist, who finds no end to discoveries and inventions; (2) through the release of nuclear energy in Illusion, which has reached a stage where it threatens with its own force of illusion to destroy the very Nothingness out of which it emerged and evolved into such a terrific force; (3) through the body (typifying happiness) which, now keeping pace with the advanced progress of the evolution of the Nothing, is infinitely urged to seek greater and greater happiness to such an extent that happiness actually becomes the very basis of the life of illusion.

The only reason for such infinite demonstration in the field of Nothingness (which is Illusion) is because the basic finite triple nature of man — energy, mind and happiness of Nothingness — is upheld and stretched out ad infinitum by the basic infinite trio-nature of God — infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss of Everything.

Infinite power is unbounded and is never reduced nor exhausted, whereas finite energy, though linked with infinite power, is reduced and exhausted because it is only the outcome of the Nothing manifested as the finite energy of Nothingness.

Infinite knowledge is eternal, uniform and all-pervading and therefore is without a break in its continuity. The limited mind, however, though linked with infinite knowledge, is annihilated and made to vanish ultimately because it is the outcome of the Nothing manifested as the finite mind of Nothingness.

Infinite bliss is bliss eternal and continual and because it is perpetual it is without any opposite aspect. Happiness, on the other hand, although linked with infinite bliss, is not perpetual and therefore it has an opposite aspect of misery. This finite happiness vanishes, even though it is the very basis of the life of the human being, because life itself is transient. As the life of illusion is the outcome of the Nothing manifested as the life of Nothingness, this life must perish.


GOD SPEAKS, pp. 90-91
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