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Meher Baba

Let us just take as an example that the sun is God. The sun is not God, it is gas. Let us say it is God: infinite power, infinite bliss, infinite knowledge. It is all there in the sun.

Those on the mental sphere are near the sun and they directly receive the rays of the sun. Those in the subtle world are a bit further off. The rays of knowledge and bliss are filtered through the mental sphere and only the residue is received by those in the subtle sphere. The gross world is very far off. It is so thick, so crude. Only the last traces of infinite bliss and knowledge come through to the gross world. Those in the subtle plane receive less of my rays. Those on the gross plane receive just a trace of my infinite power, bliss and knowledge.

In the mental plane rays of infinite knowledge are received directly and those on this plane know the minds and thoughts of everyone. The rays of infinite knowledge when they strike on the mental plane are received directly by the saints, walis. The knowledge is now converted into knowing the thoughts of gross and subtle minds. In the sun, infinite knowledge knows everything as God. In the mental plane, rays of that infinite knowledge make known the minds of all.

When they percolate to the subtle, those on the subtle planes know the mind of those who are associated with them. The same infinite knowledge from the sun, coming through the mental, subtle and striking the gross, gives mind, intelligence, the power of reason, logic and all that is associated with the mind. So this gross human mind which is so powerful and able to think and act, to invent so many things, that is able to imagine anything — is really nothing but a trickle of that infinite knowledge of the sun.

Now no more! It is already giving me a headache. Ben says, "Baba, relax!" [Ben did not say anything.]

Beryl, see: This gross human mind which can invent, imagine, think anything, can't know the minds of others. But the mentally conscious human mind can know the minds of all. It is so powerful, it can even raise from the dead a body that has been dust for years. It has happened before.

This power that is received is the rays of the Supreme All-Power that is the sun, is God. Here rays from the sun can raise the dead; and I repeat, the mental, subtle and gross worlds are all phenomena, illusion. There is no reality but God. All else is illusion. So raising the dead, giving sight to the blind are but tamasha, the farce.

THE GOD-MAN, pp. 338-339, C. B. Purdom
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


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