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In order that love may come into its own, it must be freed from all impediments and released from all limitations. Love manifests in all phases of human life, but is restricted and often poisoned by personal ambition, racial pride, narrow loyalties, individual and national rivalries, chauvinism, attachment to caste, sect, religion or sex.

To usher in the resurrection of humanity, the heart of man will have to be unlocked and a new love generated in it — a love which knew no limitations, no corruption, the ultimate love that is wholly free from individual and collective greed.

Only through such universal interflow of selfless love will it be possible for humanity to eradicate greed, intolerance, exploitation — the three demons responsible for war — in all the gross and subtle forms which they assume in civilized life. In no other way can the mass mind be purged of its age-old war-psychosis. Through no other means can it perceive with redeeming clarity that war is not merely abominable, but in truth not ever necessary as a means of adjusting differences of any nature between nations.

The chief task of those deeply concerned with the regeneration of humanity is to wage a holy war against the pernicious state of mind that justifies aggression in any form. This can be accomplished only by dispelling the spiritual apathy and ignorance which hold the mass of mankind in bondage.

If humanity is to redeem itself it will have to emerge from the dreadful cataclysm of war with unimpaired spiritual integrity, with hearts free from the poison of malice and revenge, with minds disburdened of blows given and received, with souls unscathed by suffering, and filled with the spirit of unconditional surrender to the Divine Will.


MEHER BABA ON WAR, pp. 4-5, ed. K. K. Ramakrishnan
1972 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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