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It will seem to some that the causes of war lie wholly within the responsibility of the individual. For others, society will be the cause. Still others will see the hand of maya, and some will see the will of God.

— Meher Baba

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A Cyclic Divine Ferment
Regardless of the political and economic factors described by the historian as he looks at war in retrospect, from the spiritual point of view this sanguine phenomenon is a cyclic divine ferment over which no earthly power has control.
Unconditional Surrender To The Divine Will
The chief task of those deeply concerned with the regeneration of humanity is to wage a holy war against the pernicious state of mind that justifies aggression in any form.
The Apple Analogy
Ethics in time of war can only be judged by the degree to which they reflect the divine plan.
His Love Is All-Embracing
God does not scale His Grace to suit man's temporal quarrels and prejudices.
Being In Tune With The Infinite Truth
Wars are the working of Maya; they are spiritually disastrous or otherwise, according to whether they are inspired by attachment or detachment from the creations of Maya.
No War For Eight Hundred Years
The world of the future will be very marvelous!
Christmas Bomb
Baba said, "The bomb will be thrown in Ahmednagar and it will be thrown in your compound!"
The Disease Of Selfishness
The disease of selfishness in mankind will need a cure that is not only universal in application, but drastic in nature.
On Non-Violence
Compared with perfect non-violence all one's actions are violent. It is up to us to face and admit the motives of them.
The Story Of Millicent Deakes
When we finally sat down to eat, she came back to the world, looked round at us and at the primitive arrangements, probably sensing a mild embarrassment on our part, then said, "Don't worry about me. I have just come from a concentration camp myself."
Another Earth Is Being Made Ready
Many a world has gone, and this too will go. To take its place, another world [Earth] is being made ready. Three-fourths of it is already ready, one-fourth remains to be formed.
Spiritual Regeneration Through Universal Spiritual Centre
In the divine scheme of things, when individuals or people are about to lapse into bestiality, instead of progressing higher and onward, it is suffering that rehabilitates them.
Chaos Everywhere
Even millionaires will be starving for food! There will be chaos everywhere and all will be helpless.
A Long Message
In the hour of trial, let the thought of everyone be not for the limited self, but for others — not for the claims of the ego-life, but for the claims of the Divine Self which is equally in all.
The Spiritual Significance Of The Present War
This war is bringing vast amounts of suffering and destruction to millions of people. But all this will not be in vain. Out of this chaos there will emerge a new world of freedom and happiness and understanding.
World Peace
Humanity is not going to be saved by any material power — nuclear or otherwise. It can be saved only through divine intervention.
Fundamental Values
I am therefore not concerned with parties, creeds or "isms" but only with those fundamental values, which must be wholeheartedly and universally accepted, if humanity is to be truly saved.
How Can We Help Avoid The War?
By thinking that there will be no war.
War And Suffering
Do you think I would allow such a thing as war to happen if it wasn't absolutely necessary?
How Can Peace Prevail?
See the world — everywhere talk about peace goes on. Big conferences are held to talk about peace. Why has this talk started?
Duty That Springs From The Claims Of The Spirit
People should face the circumstances of war with courage and the faith that no sacrifice is too great when the call of duty is clear.
No Soul Is Really At War With Any Other Soul
The spiritual unity of all souls remain inviolable in spite of all wars.
Dangerous And Bleak
On 7 December 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked, and Japan declared war on America and Great Britain. Four days later, on the 11th, Germany declared war on America.
Hitler should have faced all and suffered the consequences — finish it off in this life. Now he will have to face it in the next life.
Analogy Of The Apple
One might ask how it is that at one time the causes of war seem rooted in individual human selfishness, at another in racial and economic pressures which transcend the individual, and at still another in the divine plan of God.

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