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On 21 April [1945], Ali Shah was brought to Hyderabad for ten days. Baba worked with him in semi-seclusion, and it was during this time that the Allies continued their victorious push through Germany.

On 1 May, Ali Shah was sent back to Ahmednagar, and Baba began a ten-day fast of water mixed with Glucon-D (glucose) powder, though he continued to look for masts in the city. As instructed previously in the March circular, the signatories to Baba's orders also fasted that day.

Baba was saying very little to the women about the war these days, but when they heard on the radio that Hitler and his mistress had committed suicide rather than surrender, Baba did remark, "If Hitler had been caught and punished, his sanskaras would have been washed away. It was wrong of him to commit suicide. A very wrong thing to do.

"Hitler should have faced all and suffered the consequences — finish it off in this life. Now he will have to face it in the next life. Even if they had shot him, it wouldn't have mattered. It would have equalized the sanskaras. It is not the body that matters, but the soul. It would have been beneficial for his soul.

"Suicide is the worst possible thing the soul can do. However much difficulty one is facing, one should pass through it."*

The German Army surrendered unconditionally on 7 May, and the following day was celebrated as "Victory in Europe Day." In France, this also happened to be the National Day of Joan of Arc. Two days later, Baba broke his glucose water fast.

*Some Nazi war criminals who did not commit suicide or escape to other countries were prosecuted during the Nuremberg Trials, and later executed. The trials established new principles in the law of nations — above all that every person is responsible for his or her own acts.


MEHERA-MEHER, vol 2, p. 293
2003 © David Fenster


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