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War can at best be only a means to an end; it can never be an end in itself. It is therefore imperatively necessary for the war lords to search their own hearts and to make sure that the ends for which they are fighting are a reflection of the Divine plan which is to lead humanity to a spiritual brotherhood, cemented by an inviolable sense of the unity of all human beings, irrespective of the distinctions based on class, color, nationality, race, religion or creed. War effort will be justified or stand condemned not by the results which it produces, but by the ends by which it is inspired....

When truly understood, all conflicts and wars are seen to be a part of the Divine game; they are thus a result of the Divine will which finds expression in the world of manifestation, through the help of Maya or the cosmic power which creates and sustains the illusory world of duality. The purpose served by Maya in the Divine game is twofold: (1) it can be instrumental in entrapping the soul in the mazes of illusion and (2) it can also be instrumental in freeing the soul from the clutches of spiritual ignorance and bondage.

Maya should not be ignored; it must be handled with detachment and understanding. Wars are the working of Maya; they are spiritually disastrous or otherwise, according to whether they are inspired by attachment or detachment from the creations of Maya....

The spiritually advanced persons are alive to this truth of the unity of all souls; and the role which they play in the game of God is necessarily determined by the spiritual understanding which they have. They perform their duty in cooperation with the Divine will; and, being in tune with the infinite truth, they are, in playing their part, not only free from all thoughts of selfish gain, but also from the reactionary feelings of hate or malice or revenge.


TREASURES, pp. 215, 217-218, ed. Jane Barry Haynes
1980 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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