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Meher Baba

Question: Will world conditions take a better turn?
Baba: Yes, it has to.

Question: Will there be an understanding between the East and the West?
Baba: Yes, it is inevitable. Soon there will be a worldwide spiritual revolution, and all will have to unite.

Question: Will it be a new religion or a union of all religions into one?
Baba: Yes, all will be one. It will just be a movement of eternal love, and so it will be a religion of love.

Question: Same as Christ's?
Baba: This change will soon happen in this generation and will last very long. It will be very soon when the spiritual revolution will take place.

Question: Will it express itself through war?
Baba: It might or might not. But it will express itself just after an economic war all the world over. I am trying to avert the war [fighting and bloodshed].

Question: How can we help avoid the war? How can we be useful?
Baba: By thinking that there will be no war. My millions of agents are working towards that. Your love messages can reach anyone, anywhere; because in all of them there is the one Infinite God. I will help you spiritually.


SILENT TEACHINGS OF MEHER BABA, pp. 121-122, ed. Naosherwan Anzar
2001 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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