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While discussing world conditions on July 31st, 1953, in Dehra Dun, Meher Baba stated at length:

"I feel that a lot of ups and downs will be experienced in the world; tremendous upheavals will take place, and many parts of the world will be affected. This will be from natural and unnatural causes and will happen as a result of something small.

"Egypt is there, Iran is there, Kashmir is there, Berlin is there and Austria is now rising in power. If war breaks out, the disaster will be unprecedented. They will use atom bombs and deadly gases. But what I am going to tell you is different. It may precipitate war.

"A surface fire is easy to extinguish, but fires in mines and collieries are most difficult to put out. Quetta was in ruins in five minutes when rocked by an earthquake. Forty thousand people perished in it. Was there any remedy to prevent it when it occurred? Such destruction occurs through natural and unnatural causes.

"Floods from the Kosi River took a toll of hundreds; villages were literally wiped out. But the destruction could not be averted. Such disasters are on a small scale, limited to specific areas.

"If there is war and atom bombs are used, all nations will be affected. There will be floods and earthquakes, and no remedy can be suggested for such calamities.

"It is said about atom bombs that they create widespread earthquakes. In the case of atomic warfare, there is a possibility of the Earth's outer crust cracking. As a result of the experiments of testing the atom and hydrogen bomb, a whole island [in the Philippines] disappeared within five minutes.

"This happened because the origin of matter is gas. I have written about it in my book. When matter is vaporized, space and gas have three factors. The world, crores (tens of millions) of years old, can be destroyed in seven days. How long-lasting is this world, and how many times has it been formed and wiped out?

"Many a world has gone, and this too will go. To take its place, another world [Earth] is being made ready. Three-fourths of it is already ready, one-fourth remains to be formed.

"If this world is destroyed today, evolution will start in another. Evolution consists of a fixed process of ages — the stone age, the vegetable age, the worm age, and so forth [up to the animal and the human age]. If this world is destroyed today, an interval will remain, but by natural processes new life in a new world will take millions of years to materialize. Millions of years are required for another world to come into being.

"Natural and unnatural catastrophes come in cycles of time, not in ages. A cycle is made up of so many ages. Just as after four years a leap year occurs and a day is added for calculation purposes instead of adding a fraction of a day monthly; similarly this destruction will mean leaping millions of years. There is no question of time. Millions of years mean one second, because there is nothing such as Time."

Looking at Elcha Mistry, Baba commented,

"Elcha's age is age forty. Do forty years exist for you now? You can understand forty years, but not at this moment.

"Why? Because there is no question of Time. This means that you are forty years old, but at the moment you have no realization of these forty years, as you have no need to think of it. But if you give it a thought, then you picture the whole period of forty years in a moment; if you do not, it does not exist for you. Therefore, in Eternity there is no question of Time."

Meher Baba's comments on atomic bomb warfare were particularly timely. Twelve days later, in August 1953, Russia exploded its first test hydrogen bomb.


LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol. 19 & 20, pp. 6823-6824, Bhau Kalchuri
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