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When the subject of food for the men and women in Ranchi was being discussed, Baba, very seriously, stated:

Consider the pitiable plight and condition of the people in Europe where war is raging on. Consider especially the refugees, who have left their homes and were driven like cattle from place to place, to save their lives from the conquering hordes, who were following them like shadows of death. In their condition, even the necessities of life, like food and drink, were considered secondary. They are homeless, without a roof over their heads, thrown into open streets or fields, starving, with nothing to cover themselves, except what they have on their person.

Compared to them, people in India are far better off! In spite of the dreadful news of war every day, and the economic and general trade depression that the war has brought on all, and the consequent financial stringencies all over, people in India can move about at will and leisurely, even going out for recreation in the open gardens or seashore, and entertain themselves by going to the movies, or to music and dance halls.

After August of this year, conditions will worsen. Developments in the war will take a serious turn, become complicated, and the flames will spread far and wide until the war will embrace, not only the whole of the West but also the East.

Besides, a time will come when people will even forget the war, and the terrible destruction it has caused in life and property, for there will be further disasters, more voracious in their destructive power — like plagues and pestilences, fire and famine, floods and earthquakes of immense magnitude and force — all of which will take more toll of life and property than machine guns and bombs. Then, too, civil wars will complicate the political situations among nations, and make things even more chaotic, until it will create a deadlock.

Even millionaires will be starving for food! There will be chaos everywhere and all will be helpless.


LORD MEHER, vol. 7, pp. 2573-2574, Bhau Kalchuri
2003 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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