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God experiences three conditions of consciousness: (1) His Original State; (2) Helplessness; (3) All-powerfulness.

The Original State

In this state God, unconscious of His Infinite Power, Bliss and Existence, is perfectly at peace. This state can well be compared with the sound sleep state of a person.


In this state God is also unconscious of His being Infinite, and experiences helplessness in human form. He is constantly worried about something. He finds no peace. Owing to innumerable anxieties and problems, He tries all the time to seek His original state. To do this He induces forgetfulness through intoxications. He wants to forget everything. In His state of helplessness His first experience of forgetfulness has so great an effect on Him that He desires above all to return again to the oblivion that He has experienced. He tries to retain this state through sleep. Thus sleep becomes a dire necessity.

But since in sleep He is unconscious, He is not able to bring His experience of forgetfulness back into His waking state; and so He finds no solution to His helplessness.


His helplessness increases day by day. When it becomes unlimited it ends in the state of All-powerfulness. In this state God consciously forgets ever having had a limited individuality and knows Himself as Infinite Existence, Bliss and All-powerfulness.


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