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God is everywhere and does everything.
God is within us and knows everything.
God is without us and sees everything.
God is beyond us and IS everything.
God alone IS.

LIFE CIRCULARS, No. 1, Meher Baba
1968 © AMBPPCT


Bliss Is God's Original State
Power is God's existence. Knowledge is God's duty.
21 Points
A brief exposition of 21 basic spiritual facts.
God Is
God alone IS.
Whatever You Can Understand, Is Not God
To attempt to understand by reading or hearing explanations is an insult to our beloved God, Who is beyond all understanding.
Three Conditions
His helplessness increases day by day. When it becomes unlimited it ends in the state of All-powerfulness.
The More Tolerant He Becomes
To speak metaphorically, God is in the center of a circle, the circumference of which is the universe.
Shadows Of Knowledge, Power, Bliss
As a human being you are one homogeneous entity of these three finite aspects (mind-energy-matter), which are but the shadows of God (Knowledge-Power-Bliss).
God Alone Is
The breaking of my silence will reveal to man the universal oneness of god, which will bring about the universal brotherhood of man.
The Father, The Son And The Holy Ghost
The Jivan-Muktas and Sadgurus have become one with all, but only the Avatar becomes one and all.
One Uninterrupted And Endless Continuity
When consciousness is illumined by the Truth, it reveals God as everything and it experiences one uninterrupted and endless continuity of limitless bliss, power and understanding.
Mind Is The Parent Miracle
Thus the mind, which is the parent miracle, comes into existence only in order to vanish.
The Force Of Love In The Heart
The result of this experience is to turn human consciousness toward the real, impersonal and formless God, who Meher Baba really is.
Witness To God's True Compassion
When we suffer but live in Him, we bear witness to God's true Compassion.
In The Lap Of The God-Mother
Baba held my hand, drew me to his heart, gave me a warm embrace and made me aware that I was in the lap of the God-Mother, drinking deep from the well of his love.
God As The Only Reality
From the point of view of the highest and the only Truth, God alone is real and is one eternal, indivisible and unlimited Being which may, for the purposes of intellectual understanding, be described as an Infinite Ocean of Love, Bliss and Understanding.
Sufis Call It "Dumbfounding"
God is Infinite Voice, Infinite Light, and Infinite Love. But the Voice of God is not sound. Sufis call it "dumbfounding."
Blessed In A Special Way
Those who had not seen Him in the physical form, are blessed in a special way.
Unseen And Imperceptible
Handing her a fresh rose, Baba stated, "Can you see its fragrance?" Kokila replied she could not see it.
God Alone Is The Beloved
My only happiness lies in making people understand not through the mind but through experience that God alone is the Beloved for whom we exist.
Tauhid Or The Unitary State Of God
One who writes about tauhid is a mulhid (rationalist).
On Irresponsible Godhood
Only three things are of real worth; they are God, Sadguru and Love. These three are almost one and the same.
Short Of One Truth
And the lack of truth is the lack of experience behind the assertions.
Most Ideal Abode For God
The best and most ideal abode for God to dwell in the human body is the heart.
The Only Solution For Union With God
If you want to know anything of God and to reach God, then CATCH HOLD ONLY OF BABA'S DAAMAN.
What Is A Baba Lover?
In this Advent He has smashed this eternal and perennial fairytale that God is some guy up there out beyond, or down below.
God Becomes God
God, Who was originally unconscious, now becomes oblivious of oblivion itself and gets the real and final answer to His original First Word — "Who am I?" — as "I am God."
God Is Eternal Existence
I tell you with divine authority, that God is Existence, eternal and infinite. He is EVERYTHING.
God's Shadow
God's shadow depends upon God; God does not depend upon His shadow.
The Real, Formless, Impersonal God
The imagination of humanity sees the form of God through the Avatar's body, and his formless, real presence is felt through the force of love in the heart.
God's Divine Business
Saints are God's assets and sinners are His liabilities.
God's Greatest Gift
Man's inability to live God's words, makes them a mockery.
Consciousness Was Latent Within God
In the same way that consciousness was latent within God — so was Creation.
God Seeks
The humour of the divine love-game is that the One who is sought is Himself the seeker.
God Is Infinite
After a short while Baba said, 'Take down this too — on the off chance that anything is left over, even that is God.'
Where Is God?
Baba abruptly started asking each one in the room, "Where is God?...Where is God?"
God Is Just Too Big
After Francis had been there about eighteen months, Baba one day gave a short discourse on God and God Realization. When Baba had finished Francis said, 'The more I see, the more I wonder why anyone wants God Realization — God is just too big.'
Decision Regarding The Final Declaration
This universe has come out of God. God has not come out of the universe. Illusion has come out of Reality. Reality has not come out of illusion. God alone is Real; the universe by itself is illusion.
The Chasm Is Bridged
Every time you go to sleep you are unconsciously united with the Infinite Reality.
The Bird Of Paradise
Hafiz said 'God is like the bird of paradise. Don't try to snare Him by spreading the net of intellect.

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