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Meher Baba

"My only happiness lies in making
people understand not through the
mind but through experience that
God alone is the Beloved
for whom we exist."


Baba was in seclusion in India from the summer of 1935 to the early spring of 1936 when He opened a center at Rahuri for the mad and masts, twenty three miles from Meherabad. It was not until early November of 1936 that Baba returned to the West and a completely different phase of work started. His object during this short visit was to arrange for our group from England and others from Europe and America to come and stay in India.

Prior to our arrival in India and after much correspondence, Baba wrote that He had obtained property in Nasik some one hundred fifty miles from Bombay. This property, "Meher Retreat," was made possible by Norina Matchabelli as years later the "Meher Spiritual Center" in America was made possible by Elizabeth Patterson. To quote Baba's words:

"I have procured the ideal property in Nasik. It is twenty acres situated amidst beautiful surroundings with special scenery all around. With the Western group in Nasik, the Eastern group in Meherabad and Myself in Rahuri midway between Meherabad and Nasik — these will comprise the nucleus of My activities for the next five years. The Center will have nothing in common with the accepted notions concerning ashrams and spiritual retreats, with the strict, dry, rigid disciplines governing them — Its special feature will lie in its having My personal living guidance as Jesus gave His disciples.... In short, I will personally guide each of you according to the aptitude, mentality and capability of each. I want all who are dear to Me to pass through certain experiences that are necessary."

In December, to our joy, fifteen of us from the American and English groups were called by Baba to India. This meant leaving our families or careers, and a promise to obey Baba implicitly. Although Baba said we would be at the Nasik ashram for up to five years, before leaving I had written to Baba for the English group, expressing our concern that He would send us back to the West after a short stay with Him in India, as He had done previously. What was Baba's reply?

November 26, 1936       

Darling Saroja,

... I feel so disappointed that with all their love for Me Kimco wouldn't understand in spite of explanations of some important things so clearly given.... I was so happy you all eventually agreed to come but the peculiar attitude of Kimco, always so typical, of taking all things — however serious — so lightly even if I want them to take it seriously and understand, at times causes Me great pain....

Your heart is so wonderful, always feeling so deeply and truly, and responsive to the call and understanding, but the peculiar mind of yours at times wobbles and tries to shake your faith and your love revives it all again and afresh. One moment you feel quite prepared to do and stand anything, the next moment you hesitate with if's and but's and feel depressed and worried unnecessarily. But I will see that this eternal struggle between the head and the heart, for you as well as for all others who suffer from the same weakness, ends eventually in the victory of the heart over the head, and brings about a blending of the two.

In fact, I am working at it, suffering Myself almost all the while of being misunderstood every moment, and in every act of compassion in raising the consciousness and understanding of humanity to a higher level even by My own who have known Me and have been in My closer contact! Just a little individual effort to understand and do as I say and it would save so much trouble and pains for Me and for all.

My Love to all and self,       
(signed) M.S. Irani       


LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, pp. 140-142, Kitty Davy
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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