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Meher Baba

God first goes through the becoming process in the gross; that is, in the gross, God becomes the body of anna bhuvan (gross sphere). Then in the subtle He becomes the energy of pran bhuvan (subtle sphere). Then in the mental He becomes the mind of mano bhuvan (mental sphere). Beyond this in vidnyan, God becomes God — that which He was and is and always will be.

Therefore God, Who was originally unconscious, now becomes oblivious of oblivion itself and gets the real and final answer to His original First Word — "Who am I?" — as "I am God." Thus in the gross, subtle and mental spheres God becomes actually what He really is not; and in vidnyan He becomes actually what He really is.

Originally God was God; now God has become God.


GOD SPEAKS, 1st Indian ed, pp. 130
1973 © Sufism Reoriented


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