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Meher Baba

The entire universe is God's shadow and belongs to God, but God does not belong to the universe. God's shadow comes out of God, undergoes infinite variations and goes back into God.

God's shadow depends upon God; God does not depend upon His shadow. Without God the shadow cannot exist. Without the shadow God does exist. God was when the universe was not. God is when the universe is. God will be when the universe will not be.

Your own shadow belongs to you but you need not belong to your shadow. Your shadow necessarily clings to you, but you unnecessarily cling to your shadow. Without you your shadow cannot exist, but without your shadow you do exist.

In all states and under all circumstances, whether you are dreaming dreams in sleep, dreaming the dream of life on earth, dreaming acute hell or heaven states after leaving the gross body, or dreaming the real dreams in the higher spiritual planes, essentially you remain the same.

Everything and everyone represents God in one way or another, in some state of consciousness or another — but the God-Man (Avatar, Buddha, Christ, Rasool) represents God in every way, in everything, and everywhere, in one and all of the states of consciousness, manifest or latent.

Hafiz, the man who became God-realized, says:

Jehan-o-kare jehan, jumla beech der heech ast,
Hazar bar mun in nukta karda-am tehqiqe.

"A thousand times I have ascertained and found it to be true that the universe and the affairs of the universe are totally nothing into nothing."

LIFE AT ITS BEST, pp. 13-15, ed Ivy O. Duce
1957 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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