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The soul gets deeply stuck in the ignorance of being the same as the physical body due to sanskaric limitations of consciousness; and its knowledge of the Reality, therefore, necessarily gets restricted to that which is given in sense-perception or that which is inferred from it. But such knowledge is, in fact, quite inadequate and even misleading in respect of the true nature of Reality. The manifold world of sense-perception (with its duality of subject and object) is false, though it seems to be quite real to those whose understanding is vitiated by identification with the body. From the point of view of the highest and the only Truth, God alone is real and is one eternal, indivisible and unlimited Being which may, for the purposes of intellectual understanding, be described as an Infinite Ocean of Love, Bliss and Understanding.

The realization of God, as He is, necessarily requires the complete surrenderance of the false individuality of the separate 'I'. All separateness and duality is only illusion: and this illusion is sustained by the sanskaras (impressions) of the Ego-life which expresses itself through Lust, Hate and Greed. But through the pure life of selfless Love and Service and through the Grace of a God-realized Master, it is possible to brush away these limiting sanskaras and by transcending the illusory veil of separateness to know oneself to be identical with God which is the sole Reality. This God-realization, which comes on the seventh plane of consciousness is the goal of all life; it is the final reason why the entire universe came into existence.

God-realization is, sometimes mistakenly thought to be a selfish purpose of the limited individual. There is no room for any selfishness or limited individuality in God-realization. On the contrary, God-realization is the final aim of the limited and narrow life of the separate ego. It not only consists in the attainment by the individual of an inviolable unity with all Life, but it also dynamically expresses this final realization of the Truth through a spontaneous and undivided life of Love, Peace and Harmony. The life of the God-realised Master is a pure blessing to all humanity.


MESSAGES OF MEHER BABA, pp. 66-67, ed. Adi K. Irani
1945 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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