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Meher Baba's home in Maharashtra is called Meherazad.
His Tomb Samadhi is located nearby at Meherabad.
Arangaon Means Forest Village
There are several legends connected with Arangaon's spiritual past.
None Could Make Head Or Tail Of It
Immediately above this peculiar pit of a room, another was built of wooden scantlings, bamboo matting and iron sheets.
The Tomb Is The Divine Treasure
Don't miss the opportunity to drink when the Wineshop is open.
Why Baba Suggested A Seven-Colored Flag
Naval prepared a flag accordingly and, after it was sewn, it was hoisted near the Master's Jhopdi in the evening.
The Silent Miracle Of His Presence
After the first refreshing plunge into Meherazad's quiet life we cease to gasp in renewed wonder at all the little things that make Meherazad what it is, but we can never completely take its blessings for granted.
When The Heart Wants To Feel At Home
No amount of people around will disturb the home-like feeling of Meherazad which is not meant for crowds.
A Baby Born To A Crazy Mother
On October fourteenth at 4 a.m. the woman gave birth to her child, the first baby born in the holy precincts of Meherabad.
Message At The Foundation Ceremony Of The Memorial Tower
The Tower will be in memory of men belonging to different religions and will, in fact, represent the fundamental unity of all the great world religions.
Thereby Become One Family
Baba thus blessed this flock of black and white sheep, uniting them from ancient hatred into fellowship.
Faithful To His Master Under All Circumstances
Immediately after they had gone Rustom shouted, "Baba, if he got water, why can't we find it?"
Conviction Is My Gift Of Grace To You
That man came for water, and he got water. But you have come for me, and you have me.
Try To Live In Harmony
In a traditional ashram the head may be shaved or special robes worn as a sign of renunciation of the mundane for a certain ideal.
His Presence Will Continue To Be Felt
Baba has assured us that for a little more than one hundred years, that same atmosphere will prevail.
Meher Charitable Dispensary And Hospital
From that day, a new era of increased activity dawned at Meherabad.
Meherazad means 'Meher free'
When Baba decided that the present main house should be built, He asked Mehera to design the layout.
The Opening Of Baba House
Baba walked with ease and grace through the garden, and as He reached Baba House, a silver key was handed to Him.
Help In The Kitchen
The more women Baba sent, the more headache for me! No one agreed on anything.
Christmas In Meherazad
The pattern we used to observe in the old days has changed a lot in a subtle way, but fundamentally it still holds good.
He Especially Loved To Aim For Masaji
These very first days were so special to us. Only three of the men mandali were with Baba. Gustadji, Padri, and Masaji.
It Was Difficult To Imagine
They were living alone on Meherabad Hill, so secluded, so isolated, so cloistered.
I Could Have Made Meherabad A Paradise
"I want My lovers to build Meherabad. They have been doing this, and there is beauty, because they cooperate in building Meherabad in different ways.
Formation Of The Trust
All ten trustees were present for the registration ceremony on the Hill.

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