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The aim of all yogas is one. The aim is that the false ego or the falsity of the split ego should disappear and the real ego to be manifested in its reality.

In other words, the real "I" which plays the part of the false "I" should completely forget to play the part and assert itself as it really is.

It becomes impossible for the real "I" to forget that it is playing the part of false "I". But the real "I" tries to forget the part it plays of the false "I" through action (karma yoga).

For example, take Eruch. His is the real "I" within, but as Eruch, he is the false "I". Now the real "I" within Eruch tries to forget that it is playing only the part of the false "I," as Eruch. While trying to do so, the false "I" as Eruch, tries its best to serve so many other false "I's". But the fun is that one false "I" in its struggle to forget, efface itself, remembers so many other false "I's", while bent upon serving them!

The One Real "I," which is eternally free, gets apparently bound by this process, and, it is eternally trying to forget and trying to remember at one and the same time.

In another type of yoga (bhakti yoga) the real "I," while acting the part of the false "I," tries to worship the real. The false "I" cannot be anything but false, and it cannot have any conception of the real "I". The real "I" acting as false "I," forms a false conception of the real "I." Then what does the false "I" say? It says, "O Real I! I worship Thee in all!"

And the tragedy is that when the false "I" prays to and worships the real "I", it sees and comes across only the innumerable false "I's." In fact it worships other false "I's" rather than the One and Real "I".

However, the path of Love (prem yoga) is unique, because on it the Real "I" plays the part of the false "I," while it itself covertly remains in the background as the Beloved. And, while continuing to play this part, it burns or consumes its false ego, to remain ultimately itself as the Beloved.

In Eruch, for example, the real "I" acts as the false "I" and loves the real "I" within. On one hand there is the real "I" and on the other, there is the false "I" as Eruch. But these are not two separate "I's." The false "I" as Eruch, tries to bestow love on the real "I." And that is why with gradual increase in love and with greater intensity of longing, the false "I" by degrees gets more and more consumed, effaced, by love. All the while, the real "I," as the Beloved, remains in the background as it really is. Eventually, when the false "I" is totally consumed, there remains neither the false "I" nor love. The Beloved, as the real "I," reigns supreme as One Infinite Indivisible Self.


THE PATH OF LOVE, pp 91-92
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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