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Karma Yoga
Keeping your "I-ness" at arm's length, serve in the name of Beloved God.
I Desire To See Nothing But You
True, the aspiration to see and be one with God is the chief motive of the highest worship, but this aspiration is poles asunder from worldly desires.
Changes The Entire Outlook
The Master not only stops the further accumulation of binding tendencies, but changes the entire outlook of his consciousness.
They Don't Sting You
She tearfully asked Baba what she should do, and He said, "Take my name."
Theory And Practice
The steam has to be harnessed and used intelligently in order that it may actually take the engine to its destination.
Being Practical
It is not practical to have spiritual ideals without putting them into practice.
This Is The Highest Practice Of Yoga
All the meditations, yogas, concentrations do not teach what Baba teaches you through everyday living; that is, to be kind to those who ill-treat you and to love those whom you dislike.
The Real "Headache"
The life of God can be led by regaining ordinary human sobriety and, at the same time, retaining one's Divinity Individualized.
The Will To Go For It
So one complete circuit, around and back, means 280 repetitions.
The Only Inner Experience
To love God is, in fact, to be really initiated.
Impressions Produce Thoughts
Although I am "taking" my own name continuously, I have come to hear it repeated by my lovers.
One of the first requirements of the aspirant is that he should combine unfailing enthusiasm with unyielding patience.
Heartfelt Remembrance Of God
The master directed the business man be taken to the bathroom. He called for a bucket of water, and began to pour the water over the man.
The Sadhana Of Karma Yoga
Karma Yoga, or the Path of Action, consists in acting upon the intuitions of the heart without hesitation.
The Sadhana Of Love
There is no Sadhana greater than love; there is no law higher than love; and there is no goal beyond love.
Meher Baba: The False "I" Of Eruch Tries Its Best To Serve
The aim is that the false ego or the falsity of the split ego should disappear and the real ego to be manifested in its reality.
Establish A Link With Him
It may be just a small tube or pipeline running right from our hearts to the Ocean.
Eventually The Ways Converge
In the worldly stage man is drawn more to one way than to others because of the particular limitations of his character and environment.
At the stage of Para-bhakti, devotion is not only single-minded, but is accompanied by extreme restlessness of the heart and a ceaseless longing to unite with the Beloved.
Three Principle Stages Of Bhakti Yoga
Although Bhakti Yoga cannot be divided into separate, watertight compartments, it may be said to have three principle stages.
Building A Channel To Baba
Remembrance of Meher Baba intensifies the working relationship between Avatar and disciple.
It Was The Yoga Of The Day
Whenever Baba gave someone an order, He expected absolute obedience. It was the yoga of the day, for to Baba, yoga meant control of thoughts, words and actions.

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