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Allan Y. Cohen

Remembrance of Meher Baba intensifies the working relationship between Avatar and disciple. "Anytime a person's thoughts turn truly to me, I am truly with them." [The Awakener, vol. 3, no. 3 (1956), p. 19] According to Baba, remembrance of the Master establishes a mental contact that deepens the internal relationship.

"Such mental contact with the Master is often as fruitful and effective as his physical darshana. The inward repetition of such mental contacts is like constructing a channel between Master and aspirant, who becomes thereby the recipient of the grace, love and light which are constantly flowing from the Master in spite of the apparent distance between them. Thus, the help of the Master goes out not only to those who happen to be in his physical presence but also to others who establish mental contact with him." [Discourses, vol 2, p. 95]

Often Baba made the point that physical proximity to him was unnecessary. It follows that mental contact through remembrance is equally possible after his release from the body. Baba pointed out that the presence of the Avatar is always there. Remembrance helps the aspirant know it: "... I like being meditated upon because then I help directly." [The Awakener, vol. 10, no. 2 (1964), p. 15]

"Think of Me to such an extent that you see Me, however far away I may be." [The Awakener, vol. 4, no. 2 (1957), pp. 30-31]

An unexpected benefit of remembrance is its helpfulness to others. Because the Avatar uses the love and energy directed toward him, remembering Meher Baba with love becomes a significant service to humanity.

"The unity and solidarity of the inner plane makes it possible for the Master to use his disciple as a medium for his work even when the disciple is unconscious of serving this larger purpose of the Master. This is possible because the disciple, through his love and understanding of the Master as well as his obedience and surrender, establishes a rapport with the Master and comes into tune with him.... The Master feeds upon the love of his disciples and utilises the spiritual forces released by them for his universal work.

"In this way the Master is like the relaying station which receives a song only in order to broadcast it to the world at large. To love the Master is to love all, not merely symbolically but actually; for what the Master receives on the subtle planes he spiritualises and distributes. Thus he not only strengthens the personal links which the disciples may have with him but also gives them the privilege of sharing his divine work." [Discourses, vol. 2, pp. 96-97]


THE MASTERY OF CONSCIOUSNESS, pp. 115-116, ed Allan Y. Cohen
1977 © Ira G. Deitrick


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