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Meher Baba

The personal factors which cause the worldly man to look upon the various approaches towards truth as widely divergent or even mutually antagonistic, are gradually transcended on the path. Eventually the ways converge, and their interdependence is revealed to the aspirant. He sees that each way implements the other.

Bhakti or devotion becomes the expression of truth through feeling. The way of knowledge becomes the assimilation of that same truth through understanding, and the way of action is seen to be the result of the will being actuated by that very same truth.

In the worldly stage man is drawn more to one way than to others because of the particular limitations of his character and environment. On the path they blend with each other as the aspirant gradually succeeds in emancipating himself from specific restrictions of mind and heart. Even the dry, self-imposed asceticisms of yoga flower as the individual realizes divine love as he follows the inner path.


LISTEN, HUMANITY, p. 163, ed Don E. Stevens
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