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Meher Baba

Some Yogis seek to realize the Self by trying to be forgetful of the gross universe. Instead of eliminating the binding impressionary dispositions which twist and goad their mind, they often end by adding new impressionary dispositions of the inner planes. It is very rare for a Yogi to go beyond the fourth plane, where the greater supernatural powers come and often retard the progress of the spiritual pilgrim.

The Perfect Masters, therefore, effect the undoing of the impressionary dispositions by safe stages. In order to avoid the heaping up of an unmanageable load of impressions, the Masters generally isolate the disciples, sometimes even prohibiting them to eat at the hands of others. The food that a man eats brings with it the impressionary tendencies of the person who gives it.

The Master not only stops the further accumulation of binding tendencies, but changes the entire outlook of his consciousness, directing it by stages from the gross to the subtle, from the subtle to the mental and from the mental to the Divine Sphere of existence.

SPARKS OF THE TRUTH, p. 34, Dr. C. D. Deshmukh
1971 © Universal Spiritual League of America, Inc.


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