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William M. Stephens

When I was counting repetitions [of Baba's name], the method I used is this. I would start by visualizing Meher Baba seated in a comfortable chair. He is barefooted, and His feet rest on a pillow. Baba's hands are together, palm to palm, in the familiar "Namaste" position.

I bow to Baba, and I touch (with my lips or my hands) each of His toes and fingers as I repeat His name seven times for each toe and each finger.

Starting with Baba's right foot, first I kiss the little toe as I repeat "Baba" seven times; then I kiss the second toe while again saying "Baba" seven times. Continuing in a counter-clockwise direction, I say His name seven times while kissing or touching each toe and each finger. In completing my first counter-clockwise circuit of Baba's 20 toes and fingers, I therefore say Baba's name 140 times.

Then I reverse the circuit and come back in a clockwise direction, beginning at the little finger on Baba's right hand, and ending where I began, at the little toe on the right foot. At that point I have made one complete circuit and return, and have said Baba's name 280 times

So I start my second circuit, and just as I begin, Baba lifts the next-to-smallest toe on His right foot and holds it up for this entire circuit. The raised toe is to remind me that I am on the second circuit.

When I start the third circuit, Baba will raise the middle toe on the right foot, which will indicate I am working on the third circuit. So throughout the process, if I get lost, confused or interrupted, I can go back to where I was by looking to see which toe or finger is raised or bent. This becomes very important after the repetitions get into the thousands.

As to which direction I was going when interrupted, this is shown by a slight inclination of the digit involved in the direction I was going.

So one complete circuit, around and back, means 280 repetitions. Therefore a super-circuit, which is 20 regular circuits (one for each toe and finger) amounts to 5,600 repetitions. Twenty super-circuits (one super-circuit for each toe and finger) amounts to the grand total of 112,000 repetitions, for anyone with the will to go for it.


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