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Adi K. Irani

It is to our advantage when we are determined, are resolved, to love God. Everything else will work out, and eventually we will come to know who we are. He does not want anything from us — He does not want our money; He does not want our services. Baba says He only wants our pure, unadulterated, unselfish love, and nothing else.

Why does He ask us to give Him our love? He Himself is the Ocean of Love. I have been with Meher Baba for fifty years, and I know that He is the very symbol, the very embodiment, of love. Why does that Ocean of Love desire small loves from an individual? It is not for Himself at all. But by drawing love from every individual, He is able to reach out and give His grace and blessings in return.

We should establish a link with Him. It may be just a small tube or pipeline running right from our hearts to the Ocean. Should we be rich or poor, educated or uneducated, talented or untalented, or the worst booby in the world, He does not bother about it. High birth, or low, whatever nationality, whether man, woman, or child, there is no difference whatsoever.

With Meher Baba, there is one God. With Meher Baba, there is one love. With Meher Baba, there is one person. All the differences are on the surface. Meher Baba says that life is one. Differences are only born out of ignorance, nothing else. He makes it very easy. He encourages us to lead our own lives and follow our own religion. He also says He has not come to displace anything or take anything away from us.


JUST TO LOVE HIM, pp. 11-12
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