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Sam remembered another story from spiritual tradition, this one with a practical twist. It concerns, Sam recalled, a very successful business man — so successful that he was totally occupied with either his business affairs or with his family, staff and business people, and he seemed to have no time alone and unburdened.

With the passing years, this business man felt keenly the lack of opportunity to be alone with God and repeat His name, and in distress he consulted a very close family friend. This friend suggested that they seek the advice of his spiritual Master.

The Master graciously listened to the man's heartfelt concern, questioned the routine of his day, and concluded, 'The only time you are truly alone and undisturbed is when you go to the toilet and take your bath in the morning: so the moment you begin to pour water over yourself take the name of God audibly, and continue repeating it with sincerity and fervour until you have finished.'

This advice the man happily accepted and he began in earnest the daily routine. Years passed by, many years, until one day the man suffered a severe stroke and lapsed into a coma.

With time it was clear that the man would not come out of the coma and would surely die. The family were naturally distressed, but particularly so because by tradition if their father died without taking the name of God then he would not go to God.

In their distress they turned to their father's old friend, and he advised them to seek the advice of the Master. The Master listened and knowing the daily routine of the man said, 'Let us go to the man.'

This they did, and the master directed the business man be taken to the bathroom. He called for a bucket of water, and began to pour the water over the man. With the first touch of water the man in his coma began saying aloud the Name of God, and with the last drop of water gave a sigh and died.

Such was the impression of years of heartfelt remembrance of God.


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