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Baba's love for animals stands out as a special phase in His life and work.

— Bal Natu

GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 6, pp. 180-181
1994 © AMBPPCT


The "Sparrow Incident"
Merwan put flowers on the grave and solemnly recited a little prayer while his friends stood around with bowed heads.
Baba's Love For Animals
Baba's love for animals stands out as a special phase in His life and work.
Think Hard What You Want To Ask For
Babajan spoke some more words under her breath, then turned toward me and said, "All right beta (beta means 'my child'), you may go."
Off We Went For Our Ride
Baba's horse went at a gentle walk and He was happy that I had a good horse and enjoyed my ride.
A Good Look At The Meherabad Girls
Everyone had wanted to give the new girls a nice welcome, but instead they were greeted by a cat fight!
Churchill Insisted That They Go
If you wish to connect these incidents do so; I don't know.
I Was Stunned
Pausing, He gestured, "This ant will take human birth."
His Creative Waves Of Love
Every morning I shared my breakfast with a small, ugly, half-starved dog, who always wagged his tail in an effort to be cheerful. My witty fellow disciples called him "Mr. Craske."
Baba's Love For Mastan
He would wait patiently until I said, "Go to Baba, Mastan. Go to Baba."
Only Baba Has The Authority To Do That
He (Mastan) will be a very good soul who loves God.
First Day In Charge Of The Birds
We knew that whatever contact Baba had wanted with the birds was now broken.
The Deer
Baba had a small deer brought into the East Room and called her to pat it.
Bird Enemas
They were getting so much to eat that they could hardly walk.
The Hoopoe Bird
The hoopoe's leg had been broken by some child with a catapult or a stone. With a soft thread, we wound a matchstick around its leg, like a splint, fed it and kept it. It got better.
Just Like A Human Infant
Baba named this monkey Jumpu because he was always jumping and restless, but he was really an unusual monkey.
Sheba The Watch Horse
Goher herself was standing outside the gate, ringing the bell. Sheba, in a frisky mood, would not allow her inside; the horse knew it was too late in the evening for anyone to be coming inside their compound.
At The Circus
There were of course plenty of animal acts with monkeys, dogs, small horses, lions and elephants, not to mention clowns, dare-devil bike riders, tightrope walkers and trapeze artists.
Babajan's Pigeon
Thereafter, Baba himself dug a hole in the backyard of the Manzil and buried the bird.
From The Kingdom Of The Birds
One day they were all sitting round with Baba giving a discourse in the courtyard; suddenly a pigeon flies into the courtyard, falls at Baba's feet, and dies within 5 minutes, though not wounded.
Cute Billy Goat
Baba was so surprised. He saw that the goat was very tame and said, "Bring something for it to eat."
Pegu The Siamese Cat
Mrs. Diddi did her best to induce Pegu to come away with her, but the cat was drawn to Baba's magnetism and would not leave.
The puppy was just managing to hold on to the ledge with its two front paws!
Tiger On A Par With Buffalo
But Baba took the question seriously, and spelt out the following on His alphabet board: "If you ever meet a tiger, stand perfectly still and inwardly repeat my name."
Naughty Monkey
Someone had given Baba a cute little baby monkey and I will never forget how sweet Baba looked holding that tiny, fluffy, brown creature right in the palm of His hand.
Baba introduced me to 'Lucky' as his temporary mother with orders to look after him.
The Unfriendly White Horse
She grabbed Baba's hand and immediately pulled Him away, and they ran out of the stable.
Begum, The Little Lady
Begum, the tiny "lady" horse, provided Baba and all of us with many happy moments during our stay in Satara and Mahabaleshwar.
How Do You Punish A Parrot?
That naughty parrot had chewed up all the press buttons (snaps) on my jacket!
Baba's Gopis Gave All Their Butter To Him
"The buffalo was enormous," Mehera recalled. "It resembled a small elephant."
In Quest Of His Missing Master
From the day the dog saw his owner leave Quetta on a train, he had been valiantly trying to board each train in quest of his missing master.
Trip To The Bronx Zoo
When we wheeled Baba into the room where the penguins were kept, Baba had us stop in front of the big closed-in case where the arctic birds were provided with an environment simulating their native habitat.
Sparrows And Marigolds
I wish one of us could have sketched our Beloved as He is sitting out here, His drawn face radiating Love, watching the sparrows having their bath and the marigolds nodding happily.
Baba would have His feet on a stool and He would put the toast on one side of His legs and the puppy would jump across to get it.
The Story Of The Mynah Bird
The mynah picked it up in a few days and she said it so clearly and humanly that we'd turn round with a start every time those words rang out.
At The Circus With Baba
The elephant carried a garland in her trunk and gently placed it round Baba's neck, and the manager offered Him a large bouquet of flowers.
All The Angry Bees Flew Straight At Baba
The point of Baba's umbrella struck a beehive in the ceiling which none of us had noticed.
Four Footed Mandali
He [Peter] was a jet-black cocker spaniel whom Mehera and Mani acquired in the lovely hill-station of Mussorie in north India, where Baba and the mandali stayed for some weeks in 1953.
The Gecko
One day as they sat there talking, the largest gecko Naja had ever seen, ran along high on the walls stopping over Baba.
Baba, upon hearing of their arrival, and knowing that after my arrival from England I had not yet acquired a regular job of my own, put them into my charge to feed, keep clean, and exercise.
Champa, The White Donkey
Baba would take them out walking along the top of Meherabad Hill in the evening with Champa the donkey.
One day while we were walking between Motichur and Hardwar, we saw two crows mating.
Bird For Breakfast And Dinner
After the second accident, Baba could not easily come outside to see Biki.
One could with amazement stand at a safe distance and for a long time watch this strange graceful performance.
Naja And The Buffalo Children
The farmer was a simple, devout and humble man who loved his three buffaloes as though they were his children.
Death To Them Meant Progression In Evolution
It was at the railway station in Quetta that Elizabeth found one of her numerous dogs.
Safe And Sound At His Feet
Peter was not only fast asleep, but he was having a dream, and it was a very exciting dream. He was so excited in his sleep that he was making noises with his mouth and his paws were going so many cycles to the second!
Mad Dogs And Partition
Soon after, a brown dog came. Baba pointed it out and said, "That dog is mad."
Dog Days
Whenever Baba came to Bindra House, Brownie would try to jump on His lap, but being quite big, her hind legs would be on the ground with her front paws trying to embrace Him. She would then lick Baba all over.
A Three Headed Cyclops!
It was about one hundred and seventy-five feet long and fourteen feet wide.
Snow White Horse
Baba said, 'Dr. Donkin can handle him. He seemed quiet enough. He allowed you to touch him and handle him so he will be all right.'
Baba ... Baba, Darling
The first few days, the bird did not respond. Then, while they girls were playing badminton, suddenly they heard, "BABA ... BABA, DARLING."
Boxes Of Monkeys
He [Baba] sent out word that he wanted monkeys sent to him because he had to have one monkey who would recognize him.
Sheba Became Famous
With Baba she had had lots of love and eating, but here she had lots of beating, because she was to be trained.
The Salunkis
They are lovely little birds, biscuit coloured, with a little black cap on their heads and dark feathers.
Pegu And Mastan
Inevitably, as soon as Mehera opened the door, Pegu, the cat, rushed inside ahead of her.

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