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Eruch's little aunt told us of her first visit to Babajan years ago. Babajan asked her where she had come from, and at the reply "From Meher Baba" she exclaimed, "From my Beloved Meher! My Son! Some day the whole world will call out, 'Meher, Meher!; all the trees will call out 'Meher', all the birds will sing 'Meher'!

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I Am Called Meher Baba
I belong to no religion and yet to every religion. Love is my principal agent.
Advent Of The Avatar
The truth is that the Avatar is always one and the same, and that the five Sadgurus bring about the advent of the Avatar on earth.
The Avatar's Advent
My advent is not to destroy illusion because illusion, as it is, is absolutely nothing. I come to make you become aware of the nothingness of illusion.
The Avatar's Call
Age after age, when the wick of Righteousness burns low, the Avatar comes yet once again to rekindle the torch of Love and Truth. Age after age, amidst the clamor of disruptions, wars, fear and chaos, rings the Avatar's call: COME ALL UNTO ME.
This Is My Beloved Son
As she held his face, Babajan looked in Merwan's eyes with all her love and kissed him on the forehead.
I Knew I Was The Ancient One
Babajan called Me one day as I was cycling past Her tree, and She kissed Me on the forehead; and for nine months, God knows, I was in that state to which very, very few go, even in cycles of time.
Avatar As The First Master
In all of his incarnations except the first, even the Avatar needs a master in order to come into his own eternal and infinite consciousness.
Inner Poise And Adequate Adjustment
The Avatar is the first master of the first God-realized soul.
The Avatar
I bring the greatest treasure it is possible for man to receive — a treasure that includes all other treasures, that will endure forever, that increases when shared with others. Be ready to receive it.
How Do You Know That I Am The Avatar?
It is beyond doubt that whenever the Avatar assumes a human form, He is the same Ancient One.
His Is The Greatest Mission
Only when this love is experienced will humanity be freed from its own prisons of religion to feel and enjoy oneness in the love of God.
Public Message Upon Arrival On His Second Visit To America
I have not come to establish any cult, society or organization, nor even to establish a new religion.
Meher Baba's Last Message On The Alphabet Board
Come together in order to fulfill My Will by taking your stand on TRUTH, LOVE and HONESTY, and be worthy of participating in My Task.
Meher Baba's Final Declaration
When my universal religion of love is on the verge of fading into insignificance, I come to breathe life into it, and to do away with the farce of dogmas that defile it in the name of religions, and stifle it with ceremonies and rituals.
Clarification Of The Final Declaration
It is really very difficult for anyone to believe and understand what I say, because no one can grasp the meaning underlying my words. It is natural, even for my intimate mandali, not to understand my Final Declaration.
Indirect Yet Intimate Gossiping
Such lovers become the objects of meditation even for God!
I Am Bliss Personified
Everyone is destined to attain this state and it is everyone's duty to make efforts toward that end.
This Body Is Not Me
My real Self is far more beautiful.
If You Love God You Become One With Him
God is infinite honesty, and unless we love Him honestly we can not know Him.
Remember One Point
You are all blind — unless you see me as I am.
The Group Became Silent
Suddenly, in the midst of the laughter and joy, we noticed Baba's face drawn as if in great pain.
Knowing And Not Knowing
Even on the gross plane and in ordinary circumstances knowledge and ignorance can be manifested simultaneously.
The Glorious Sunset
"Do people ever come out to admire the sun when it is at its zenith?"
It Is I Who Is On The Crucifix
I am the selfsame Christ who was nailed on the cross.
I Am The Son Of God The Father And God The Mother In One
In this incarnation of the Avatar, God has the occasion, as it were, to play the part of both Father and Mother.
I Am The Infinite One
When an Avatar has to manifest, for some period before His manifestation He either fasts, keeps silent, or adopts some inner discipline for the benefit of the world.
Four Stages To Everything
Until the other day I had not given it a thought ... then, while taking a rest I asked myself why did I give out the Declaration?
Even If You Were The Only One In The World
If you have faith in and love for the God-Man, you are blessed indeed!
The Avatar
Our prayers to God eventually are responded to by the Avatar in whom is vested the supreme command of creation.
The Body Of God
If even a wave cannot move without his will, how is it possible for him as the Ocean of God, to remain without work?
The Highest Of The High
If I am the Highest of the High, then a wish of my Universal Will is sufficient to give, in an instant, God-realization to one and all and thus free every creature in creation from the shackles of Ignorance.
I Am Also Your Friend
You can be completely natural with Me, and tell Me frankly whatever is in your mind.
About Seventy People Claim To Be The Avatar
This really silenced me, and I gazed at Baba in dumb adoration and submission.
I Become Everything
There is no need for me to act or keep up appearances.
I Am The Fresh Stock
It is all Quaker Oats, the ingredients are the same, but I am the fresh stock.
Duality Implies Unending Sufferings
This is my crucifixion.
Baba Is So Happy Here
Baba told this interesting fact the other day, that all four aspects of the four great Avatars were embodied in the present Avataric period.
How Can We Understand Him?
He is the Lord of Lords, and He is Man amongst men.
He Hadn't Forgotten Him
Man thanks and forgets. The Lord does not always thank, but remembers.
Recognize That Truth Is Universal
He will unite all nations so that we can discard outward differences and recognize that Truth is universal.
Everything Is Perishing Except His Face
The expressions of all the previous Avatars can be seen in what is, for me, Meher Baba's Universal Face.
I Want You To Be Honest With Yourself
In this Avatar business, if any of you really feel confused, excited and disappointed, you would be rendering me the greatest service by leaving me for good or bad.
The Ancient One
I am the Universal Thief; I steal hearts.
Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!
This was the first time Baba himself had spelled on the board "Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai."
The Avatar's Worship
I come down on earth in order to worship the love of my lovers.
Know Me As The One Indivisible Self
I am God and Man as the eternal God-Man.
I Am Both Personal And Impersonal
The Unconscious Ocean is Baba — in that conscious drop is Me — and also in everyone I experience myself consciously.
The Grace Of The God-Man Is Like The Rain
Just as He is Lord and servant in one, the God-Man is also the supreme Lover and the matchless Beloved.
Whatever I Do, I Do For My Work
I am the Truth. No amount of voluminous praise will raise me higher, nor can any carping criticism pull me down.
That Gift Which Is Permanent
I may be anything, but when you work wholeheartedly, God, Who is everywhere and knows everything, gives you rewards from Him without your asking. Even if I am the Devil, God will reward you according to your work!
Sustained By His Compassion
Therefore we must get in tune with Meher Baba and when we do that, we will discover His act of Compassion in every breath we take and in anything and everything we undertake because our very life is sustained by His Compassion.
There Is No End To Imagination
Thus, it is God Who has brought suffering in human experience to its height, and God alone Who will efface this illusory suffering and bring the illusory happiness to its height.
Judas Iscariot And Hitler
When He, the Avatar, comes into incarnation He needs opposition in order to function fully.
We do not find diamonds by the thousands or millions. Pebbles, on the other hand, do exist by the thousands, millions and billions.
The Advent
All the Avatar does each time He comes is to give us the same Truth.
If I Am What I Am
To stick to me means to keep me pleased at the cost of your own comforts and pleasures.
The God-Man
Christship is the direct devolvement of God into a man for the purpose of demonstrating to all men and women the possibility of attaining the same condition of Christ-consciousness or conscious perfection.
Avataric Features
Like Mehera, Mani too felt that Meher Baba's features were similar to those of Jesus. In fact, she wondered whether all Avatars did not look like Baba.
The Second Coming
All the great mystics have understood the word "clouds" as a symbolic expression for states of consciousness or spiritual planes.
I Am Infinite Consciousness
Think of me; remain cheerful in all your trials and I am with you helping you.
General Atmospheres
The first important atmosphere which derives from Baba is that of the miraculous.
Avatar Meher Baba
Meher Baba is the living Avatar of the age and we should therefore love Him and go on adding up to the strength of our love for Him by remembering Him at all times of the day when the mind is free of the necessary pursuits of life.
The Spiritual Searchlight
How queer is the fact that God reflects Himself, in the Universal Mirror, as Baba at all levels and in all planes of consciousness, at one and the same time.
Murli And The Priest
I came to the point and said, "Just as you take Jesus Christ as your Lord, we accept Meher Baba as our Lord."
My Universal Glorification
At the time of My Glorification, all will feel it throughout the world, but those who are around Me will not be affected.
What Agony We Saw
As more years went by, we could see Baba's tremendous universal suffering increasingly taking its toll on Him physically.
At Meher Baba's Feet I Remain Bowed
At Meher Baba's Feet I remain bowed, for He is no one else but the Same Ancient One Who has come to awaken.
He Has Issued This Call To Our Intelligence
He has opened the doorless door through Him to this Self-realization.
The Most Beloved Trait In Baba
It's fascinating to watch Baba make the outwardly different feel "He is one with us and one of us."
Ganesh Is None Other But The Ancient One
As Shiva represents the First Soul to realize God Himself,
Ganesh represents the same First Soul
When He returned into creation as Avatar.
Quality Of The Philosopher's Stone
His physical presence and the brilliance of his leadership have that impossible quality of the philosopher's stone, that by their magic touch, they transmute the base metal of the most commonplace routine into a treasure of loving service.
Sanctified By Divine Love
This has become a sanctified place in My love. In the future thousands will gather here to bathe in Betva.
Bobbing Up And Down
That was the second time I can remember when Baba had been left completely alone.
Rendering Great Service To My Work
It is an indication of love, from the bottom of my heart, for the help rendered by them in my great spiritual work.
He Became Like One Of The Family
When Baba came to the house, He became like one of the family.
You Are Fortunate
In Avataric periods, one does not necessarily have to make the inward journeys by stages.
Unveiled Divinity In Merwan
Merwan's consciousness was divine — it was infinite — it was perfect, but he had no mastery of all-knowledge, all-power, and all-bliss.
Endure The Extra Period Of Separation With A Courageous Patience
I want all of you dear ones to endure the extra period of separation with a courageous patience and in spite of your disappointment, to continue and persevere in your present work and faith until I come.
Perfectly Human
The Avatar, the God-Man, the Christ, while completely God, is also "perfectly" human.
Avatar's Suffering Is Real
God remains amidst mankind as man, only when He allows Himself to be bound by suffering.
The Stone That Will Be Worshipped In Years To Come
I used to knock my forehead on a stone in my room at home, during the nine months before Upasani Maharaj brought me down to normal consciousness.
Avataric Periods
Avataric periods are the spring-tide of creation.
The Wine Of Love
The Avatar always completes his work during his physical lifetime, but the results of his work always manifests gradually, and it takes at least one hundred years to witness the total result.
The Work Of The Avatar, Part 1, Part 2
In order to achieve all of this work, the Avatar has to remove binding impressions (sanskaras) from each individual, and therefore, he takes upon himself those divine free impressions (yogayoga sanskaras) which remove the bindings from others.
I Actually Become That
I not only play the part of one who bows down and gives gifts, I become that.
Refusal To Accept This Help Is A Maladjustment
The Avatar is the first master of the first God-realized soul.
There Was An Air Of Freedom Around Baba
Baba was the Emperor, the whole world was His, everyone in it was merely one of His vassals, so what did it matter to us if the world thought this one was great or that one was a VIP, or this one was a Maharaja — it was all the same to us.
Nowadays People Have Computers
Baba's perfection was such that He would never overlook even the tiniest detail of anything.
You All Are Mine
The one who loves Me is Mine whether he be sitting near Me or staying miles away from Me.
Einstein Takes A Vacation
I come down to the level of humanity, and on your level I admire the creation, although I know fully well that it is just illusion.
I Am Eternal And Beyond Promises
Gandhiji used to speak in Gujrathi and he used to say, "You must speak so that the world may listen to you and to your words coming direct from your mouth."
When I Am In My Divine State
When I am in my Divine State, only God knows who I am: you cannot.
How Can One Explain The Presence?
How can one explain the presence that is at once overpowering, and yet not the least oppressive or domineering?
The Touch Of A Master
In all of his incarnations except the first, even the Avatar needs a master in order to come into his own eternal and infinite consciousness.
Asthana In Hindi Means Threshold
Most unexpectedly, and to the amazement of those present, Baba spelled out on His alphabet board, "Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai"
Inherent In All
I have come not to teach but to awaken — to awaken man to that peace and happiness which cannot be obtained through struggle.
The Veil Which The Avatar Puts Upon Himself
The veil which the Avatar puts on himself can be removed by him at any time, and for any person or persons as he may desire, for the purposes of self-revelation or self-communication.
The Root Of His Suffering
There he stands at the threshold of all time and space, at the edge of infinity and eternity, pulled apart forever, but pulled together, as each individual, drop by drop, realizes the Reality.
He Will Be The First To Meet Imam Mehendi
One Moulvi Abdul Wahed of Hyderabad on a visit to Bombay was staying for some time in the Dadar mosque opposite to Manzil-e-Meem and recounted the following experience to the mandali.
Spring-Tide Of Creation
Avataric periods are like the spring-tide of creation.
Coat Of Thorns
The Avatar works to remove the heap of thorns that are produced by unnatural actions so that the path toward Truth can become clear.
Being The Total Manifestation Of God
He trues the standard of human values by interpreting them in terms of divinely human life.
Messages Of Avatar Meher Baba
My own personal religion is of My being the Ancient Infinite One and the religion I teach to all is of love for God.
He Is With Each One At All Times
To His lovers, Baba says: "I alone Am. Remember me wholeheartedly. Repeat my name constantly. I am with you."
The State Of Christ Consciousness
I have become one with the Infinite Source of everything. This is the state of Christ Consciousness.
The First Individual Soul To Emerge
This new influx of the creative impulse takes, through the medium of a divine personality, an incarnation of God in a special sense — the Avatar.
I Had Found The Confirmation I Was Seeking
The 100 years after the Manifestation of the Avatar is the period encompassing the direct living and personal radiation of the Avatar.
Mass Hypnotism
In mass hypnotism by others, the effect is on the mind; but in my working, it is the soul that is affected and advanced.
The Declaration
I have not come to establish anything new — I have come to put life into the old. I have not come to establish retreats or ashrams.
Meher Baba: His Own Divine Play
It is God Who acts, and God Who reacts. It is He Who scoffs, and He Who responds. He is the Creator, the Producer, the Actor and the Audience in His own Divine Play.
Ever-watchful Compassion
Suddenly she became aware of a light coming towards her through the dark house: as it came closer she realised it was Baba.
Prelude To Destiny
Since in the West we have no literature which deals with the concept of the Avatar as a recurrent manifestation of Godhood in human form, we must turn to the Bhagavad Gita — the great sacred classic of India — for enlightenment on this subject.
Toys In The Divine Game
I am Infinite Consciousness, inter-penetrating and transcending all states of limited consciousness. The most primal and the most final categories of consciousness — say a stone or a saint — are equidistant from me, so I am equally approachable by all. I am the Way.
A Winged White Horse
She [Mehera] replied, 'You know the vast cycles in time are called yugas in India, and there is a symbol which represents the Avatar of each yuga; the symbol of the Avatar of this particular age is a white horse.
Feeling Every Heartbeat
How? Because I have clasped the universe to my bosom so tightly that I feel every heartbeat in creation.
My name, Meher, means mercy!
Upasni Maharaj revealed to me that I was the Avatar.
Who Wants To Stay With Me?
Baba then stated to the mandali: "Think twice before you either accompany me or leave. No one knows what will happen hereafter."
Meher Baba's Little Bhajan
"Sai Baba, Babajan, Meher Baba che Bhaguan.
Go and Call Them
Baba looked very tired. I had never before seen Him like that. Then Baba caressed my face and said, "Don't think of anything. Yes, now go and call them."
William's Care And Forethought
William explained that devotees would collect the melting ice and drink it as prasad.
The Highest Became A Sweeper
Humanity is found in an unnatural condition, and the Avatar does not want humanity to remain dirty and the world full of filth.
Unseen And Imperceptible
Handing her a fresh rose, Baba stated, "Can you see its fragrance?" Kokila replied she could not see it.
Know Well That I Know Everything
A message from Baba was sent to him three times: 'I seem as though I know nothing, but know well that I know everything.'
The Working Of The Avatar
The Avatar is the Axis or Pivot of the universe, the Pin of the grinding-stones of evolution, and so has a responsibility towards everyone and everything.
He Is Both Divine & Human
Those who live with me feel more of my humanity than my divinity. Those old and new ones who come and see me for a while see more of my divinity than my humanity.
Languages Of The Avatar
There are three languages in which the Avatar teaches.
His Previous Births
And before the Buddha he was Krishna and his father was Vasudeva who was a great chief of a pastoral people dwelling along the river Yamuna.
50-Second Ride On A Roaring Dragon
On the night of 11 December [1967], the ground at Meherazad shook violently as an earthquake hit the region.
Divine Detachment
Just as Baba is unaffected by the evil in the world which expresses itself in lustful thoughts or actions, so is he unperturbed by it when it takes the form of slander against himself.
A Little Flower
Mani stood there transfixed, realising that she had just witnessed in this little episode was His love and compassion for His own, however insignificant.

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