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A devotee from Bombay expressed a wish to offer one thousand rupees at Baba's feet. He lovingly placed this amount before Baba. Baba decided to use this money for His work with the poor. Accordingly, on June 9, 200 children below fifteen years, from the poor families, were brought to Baba. Baba bowed down to each one of them and gave each a packet of sweets and a piece of cloth as prasad.

There were also some who spontaneously offered what little they could give. Baba directed that this amount be sent for a newly opened Center and remarked, "Baba does not like to give money and expect work for Him in return. This is ridiculous. However, I am giving this money as PRASAD. Do not expect any more from Baba for His work."

In the course of discussion He humorously remarked, "It is easier for my lovers to give their heads than to give money!" About the attendance at the Centers, Baba said, "If five hundred attend the meeting it is well and good. If you try your utmost and people do not come, do not lose heart. Even if there are five persons present at the meeting, take it I will be there."

Baba further said, "Recently I heard that among some of My workers there has developed a considerable difference of opinion. Better you do not work for Me than develop such an attitude. I will appreciate your competitive spirit only in your surrender to Me and love for Me. To get yourself divided while doing My work shakes the very foundation of that work. That will defeat its own end. It is the height of hypocrisy to say 'I alone can do Baba's work.'"

Those concerned were given the opportunity to give vent to their feelings and express their thoughts freely. "When you get divided," Baba explained, "I and My work are set aside. You open a Center to spread Brotherhood but first see for yourselves how you behave among the group! If you cannot work together with concord, why open new Centers for Me? If you want to further My Cause, there is no escape but to become like dust in My work. There cannot be any compromise. Each of My lovers must become like dust. Then people of their own accord will flock around him and his own life will radiate My message of Love to others.

"I do not object to having Centers. There, lovers of Baba can meet and exchange their ideas and feeling of love for Me. But there should be concord. There must be a spirit of giving in. Today we must fix something — whether to have Centers or to dissolve them. The only solution is to become like dust in My work.

"But what do you understand by becoming like dust? How will you become like dust? If you could but do what I ask you to do, what else could you be but like dust? It is extremely difficult for you to do what I ask you to do. It is only possible when your heart is kindled with love for Me. If you cannot love Me as I ought to be loved, at least try to hold fast to My daaman. I will help you. Dust never complains even though we walk over it, trample upon it or use it in any way we like. If any number of calamities befall you and still you keep a smiling face, this may lead you to become like dust. You can become like dust only if you possess the highest type of love for Me. Becoming dust-like is the only link that would bring you together."

Referring to the older members of the group, Baba said, "As one grows old one is possessed by a peculiar spirit of expectation. He feels that the youngsters are purposely ignoring him or even hating him. My great expectation about you all, young and old, is that you should not entertain any expectation at all. Let the Centers newly created by you all be your school. Remember that everyone has his own peculiar way of expressing his love for Me; so try to behave like brothers. Let there be concord among yourselves. Try to accommodate one another. For the present, continue My work at the Centers as best as you can.

"I will lay down certain definite principles and they will be of real and lasting value. I intend to destroy the bindings of all superfluous ceremonies. The times when Jesus and Krishna lived were different; the present time is altogether different. I have to tell the people according to the needs of the time.

"In the present atom-age, material progress has nearly reached its zenith, and this is but the shadow of the internal progress in the realm of Spirituality."

In the end, Baba lovingly stressed again the following points. He said, "It is a fact that I am God. I am the Highest of the High. I wish that those who raised their hands should hold fast to my daaman for good.

"There is no need for My lovers to visit other saints. Stick to Me and spread My message of Love to all and become like dust in Baba's work."


THE BEST OF THE GLOW, pp. 23-24, ed. Naosherwan Anzar
1980 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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