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"I would prefer to make a hundred people love God to converting millions to Babaism. Arrange meetings only if they will be work done for God and not just to make Baba well-known."

— Meher Baba

LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, p. 470, Kitty Davy
1981 © AMBPPCT


What Baba Means By Real Work
Even if this meeting were to take all night for what I have to say, I would not mind, because this one night would be worth millions of nights if you all honestly live up to and act according to what I wish for my real workers.
Rajahmundry, Andhra, March 1-2, 1954
Meher Baba called a meeting of male workers for his 'cause' in Rajahmundry, Andhra, March 1, 1954.
Working For Baba
It is extremely difficult for you to do what I ask you to do. It is only possible when your heart is kindled with love for Me.
Hints For Spiritual Workers
When it is clearly understood that spiritual wisdom is latent in all, you will no longer be anxious to provide others with ready-made answers and solutions.
The Inviolable Unity Of Life
Let those who hearken to my call prepare themselves to render real service to mankind.
The Task For Spiritual Workers
It is extremely important to remember that in helping others leave behind the illusion of duality and attain spiritual freedom, it is necessary to live and act constantly in the principle of unity.
How Does One Work For Baba?
Unless one learns to love in its true sense, one cannot cross the hurdle of the mind.
Everyone Works In His Or Her Own Way
Some work comes to the view of others; other work may remain ever concealed, known only to the doer and the one for whom it is done.
Only Spiritual Freedom Is Absolute And Unlimited
There is no gift greater than the gift of spiritual freedom, and there is no task more important than the task of helping others to achieve spiritual freedom.
It Was No One's Fault
I simultaneously felt that the plan would work out and that it would not work out.
Cause Them To Feel My Love As You Feel It
What I want to impress upon you is this: never give a twist to what you feel deep down in your own hearts.
The Infinite Embraces All Expressions Of Life
I will teach you how to move in the world, yet be at all times in inward communion with Me as the Infinite Being.
Do it, in short, as if you were not doing it at all, but as if I or God were doing it through you.
The Real Gift Was Ungiven
This He did to underscore the importance of obedience.
Shed All Prejudices And Contempt
Baba wants you and all His lovers to have love for one another at heart and shed all prejudices and contempt before you launch upon your mission of life to tell others of the Avatar's Message of Love and Truth.
The Truth Of The Unity Of All Life
Because of its supreme importance for the true and final well-being of humanity, spiritual work has a natural and imperative claim on all who love humanity.
Then His Work Is Really Being Done
If we are a means for the doing of His work, the work is often His means for the undoing of our ego.
One As The Vehicle Of The Other
The aspirant need not worry about the opposition between spirit and matter, but should rather concern himself with the proper use of the one as the vehicle of the other.
Understanding The Nature Of My Work
I always work for the universe and not for myself.
Rendering Service Directly Unto God
This is what is real selfless service, when you are serving the little selfless ones — and this is tantamount to rendering service directly unto God.
How Please Him Whom You Love?
Work dedicated to God frees you from responsibility and binding, and by so doing you surrender to Him whom you serve for love.
The Hurdle Of The Mighty Mind
To help others through one's example, one must first become not only drenched but drowned in love consciously.
Quick To Catch That Spirit
They are keen only about the Master's work, ready to serve his cause to the best of their ability when they are called upon to do so.
Both Sought Baba's Forgiveness
Baba warned them not to behave like this ever again, and forgave them.
Now He Loves Me Fully
He used to tell people, 'Baba has made me his charge-man.' People paid homage to him.
When The Powerhouse Is Switched On
Baba wants us these days to spread His message of Love, in our own possible way.
Free From The Vitiating Opposites
By following conventionally accepted ideas, the scope of possible service to fellow beings get artificially restricted to those activities that are conventionally regarded as important.
The Privilege Of Sharing His Divine Work
He not only strengthens the personal links that the disciples may have with him but also gives them the privilege of sharing his divine work.
Every One Of You Has To Help In My Work
Every one of you has to help in My work according to your individual capacity; and you have to be in touch with the world in accordance with the work that lies in store for you.
Message To Disciples
Men and women all over the world who care to share in My work can do so by trying their utmost to maintain a pure character; and to avoid strictly feelings of lust and enmity in any form.
Selfless Service
Serve your beloved God-Man and you are serving your own self in every other self.
My Dear Workers
The way of My Work is the way of effacement, which is the way of strength, not of weakness and through it you become mature in My love.
You, My Devotees, Have To Help Me
The way to help others attain spiritual freedom is far different from the way of rendering other types of help.
Awakening Their Hearts
Your love for me should have free expression in the mode or form best suited to you.
Humbly Accept His Decision
The result of any work we do in Baba's Cause is not measured by any achievement on our part, but by all that we have put of ourselves into the doing of it.
Baba Himself Does The Work
The strangest part is that in Baba's work the "crises" seem to come through overzealousness or competition among followers who in their own way want to do Baba's work
Do Not Waste Your Energy
So what is the use in telling them about me? They are like stones! Their time has not yet come.
My Work Is Worldwide
My work is worldwide, hence I have to come into contact with all kinds of people, all religions, and all countries — in the East as well as in the West.
On Spreading Baba's Message Of Love And Truth
Let the lover's own life be the poster for propaganda and let the lover's life itself spread Baba's message of Love and Truth.
On Disagreement
I like to think of disagreement as a 'tread' necessary for a vehicle (or a footwear) while going up a steep incline, helping to increase our 'grip' and preventing a 'slipping' into carelessness.
The Only Work Is To Love Him
Ultimately, the only work is to love Him, and the only real worry is how to love Him.
Brabazon's Concern For Working People
The first thing that strikes the reader in all of these poems is Brabazon's concern for working people in everyday occupations.
Single Silent Beat Of The Heart
When it's from the heart, it's for Him and He is right there to accept it.
Is It Necessary For You All To Work For Baba?
If I am the Highest of the High and God-incarnate, then where is the necessity for Me to have workers, organizations and centres?
Obstacles Are Meant To Be Overcome
You must do your work without worrying about consequences irrespective of success or failure.
He Who Works For Me
He who works for me does not oblige me, for he works for his own self.
How Does One Work For Baba?
The greatest work one can do for Baba is to live the life of love, humility, sincerity and selfless service in which there is no trace of hypocrisy.
Be True To The Trust I Repose In You
The only place that can hold Me is the heart.
It Is The Duty Of India
Do not think of the results of your work.
I Did Not Come To Peel Potatoes
Baba was so intensely practical and I feel it was a help to Baba if those around Him were practical too.
The Real And Lasting Retreat
I am glad to know about the loving ones of the group that you have formed, and who wish to start a retreat if plans succeed.
How I Work, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
There are three principal ways in which I work, viz. (1) individually, (2) collectively (for crowds and masses) and (3) universally.
New Life To The Old Order Of Things
The benefit that will accrue to different nations, when I bring about the spiritual upheaval, will largely depend upon the amount of energy each one possesses.
How We Can Love Baba And Do His Work
In everything we do, we must completely surrender ourselves to Him and do it as Baba's work.
Pleasing Baba
And invariably when talking about this, someone will ask me, "Well, did you ever please Baba?" And that reminds me of a funny story.
On Baba's Work
What is Baba's work? It is to tell people who Baba is and that Baba says one should love all, slander none, have a pure heart and not make others suffer for one's own comfort and pleasure.
Baba's Work
The greatest work one can do for Baba is to live the life of love, humility, sincerity and selfless service in which there is no trace of hypocrisy.
Lines Of Energy
Norina Matchabelli has explained that later in 1941, a definite call to speak about the Master, and his Mission to those in America, came to her from within and that, though the Master was at that time in India, thousands of miles away from America, she received the thought-order to move from the eastern coast to the western coast of the U.S.A.
For Me Or For Food
Baba plays His game not only through clarity and understanding, but also through confusion and misunderstandings.

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