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Part 3


Meher Baba

Questioner: What is a Circle?

BABA: A Circle means those of my deeply connected disciples, who are unconsciously one with me now, and will "consciously" be one with me in future, when I have completed the work which I can do during the period of their apparent ignorance. It is like a veil. They are one, but being behind the veil, they do not see. Where Love, Lover and Beloved are one, there the work of duality ends. So, for the sake of the work, this duality and ignorance exist.

The "agents" do the work for the people on the gross plane, and through the Circle, I work for the spiritual plane, without their (members of the Circle) being aware of it. Jesus worked through his apostles on the spiritual plane without their knowing it; but later on, they knew it. They knew that all the time, it was Jesus working and they were his instruments — mediums — and were all the time with Jesus.

For example, you as W are one. W is in your hands, eyes, ears and feelings, etc. Now, if W wants to help N or K he uses his legs to make him stand up, his eyes to see, his hands to strike. It's a fact. All these, that is, hands, eyes, ears are one body, but made to work separately and individually for different work, at different times, in different circumstances.

When the intellect discards what the heart accepts, or when the heart does not respond to what the intellect accepts, there comes "disharmony". It is here that the use of "discretion" is required. But discretion and emotion must go hand-in-hand. In every phase of life, material and spiritual, this is true. If you accept a thing without discretion, and later on repent, there is "disharmony" again.

People seem to seek happiness, but they make it so complicated that they become disgusted with the seeking. It is very simple. Let your head respond to the heart and then act accordingly. If your heart says it is right to love God in everyday life, and if your intellect says it is not wrong, you must decide immediately.

Real happiness is within, once you know how to attain it, it is so easy and you will find it everywhere.

THE ANSWER, Conversations with Meher Baba, pp. 33-34, ed Naosherwan Anzar
1972 © Naosherwan Anzar


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