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Eruch Jessawala

Any work that one undertakes with honest intentions and with love is Baba's work; and he who does His work for the Love of God is always His.

You cannot depend upon your colleagues in your venture for you will yourself have to continue at every step to set examples for others and for yourself in the path of love if you dare to tread upon it knowingly and consciously.

The paradox is pure and simple. Love in itself is "self" absorbing and it helps to lose one's self completely; how then can one help others actively by one's own example of self absorption?

To help others through one's example, one must first become not only drenched but drowned in love consciously. This is the duty of all Perfect Ones.

The prelude to all this is to attempt to create a balance between the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart. Mind works much faster. It is like lightning. Lightning is seen first and then the report of thunder is heard much later.

To attempt an equilibrium, the mind must be made to function slower to keep pace with the feelings of the heart, and no amount of observing silence or fasting can help towards such an attempt.

If an individual desires to attempt the enforcement of equilibrium in a true direction, the most suitable means would be to attempt consistently to accelerate the feelings to such a pitch that they supersede the mind. For this the only efficient fuel is love — love unadulterated.

Unless one learns to love, purely for the sake of love and love alone, one cannot cross the hurdle of the mighty mind.

And for one to learn to love in its true sense, the only recourse is to dedicate one's "self" to the Lord of Love. Unless one is determined to hold fast to the feet of the Avatar under all circumstances, all attempts in this direction lead one astray, rather than on the path of love and righteousness.


LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, p. 66, ed. Jim Mistry
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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