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Part 1


Meher Baba

Questioner: Baba, I am intrigued by your ways of working. Could you please explain?

BABA: There are three principal ways in which I work, viz. (1) individually, (2) collectively (for crowds and masses) and (3) universally.

When I work individually, it is with (a) persons who are with me, (b) who are away from me and (c) who are connected with me.

In some cases, I work through their material downfall; in some, through their material welfare. In some cases, I deliberately bring about material downfall, but always having in the background their spiritual upliftment at heart.

In some cases, I use them as 'mediums' to efface their own 'Mayavik' qualities, for their own salvation, and that's where I am misunderstood. But I don't mind it, I know why I do it. That is sufficient; because, when to the extreme, love and hatred, both have the same results.

For example, A loves me extremely, means he thinks of nothing but me all the while and is lost in me. So also B is extremely against me, that is, hates me, but always thinks of me and is lost in me, though with antagonistic feelings .... I always use the medium of thought.... It depends upon the qualities that readily respond to the push.

When I work collectively, which is generally in theatres, picture-houses, sporting grounds and in games, etc. where people collect and concentrate on a particular object, it is easy for me to have my spiritual effect on their minds collectively.

When I work universally — through agents — mind being universal, it is linked up with every individual mind .... Even with advanced minds, who are my agents, and so in every part of the world I am present and working through agents.

That is why at times (a) while speaking to one person, my mind is working elsewhere. People have seen me stopping suddenly in the midst of conversation as if absent and away from the spot, and engrossed in something else.

(b) At nights, on many occasions, I make some of my devotees sit beside me and press the soles of my feet (that is, to have a physical touch). Sometimes, my personal attendant abruptly sits up in his bed at night, noticing some signs or flash of light, which makes him nervous. At such times, there is special working which pertains to bodiless "spirits" only, who are entering the Path of Involution. There are scores of such 'spirits', but in whatever stage of advancement, they hope to take form again, because the ultimate goal of every soul is to be one with the Infinite, and that is only possible in human form alone....

This is, in short, how I work.

THE ANSWER, Conversations with Meher Baba, pp. 31-32, ed Naosherwan Anzar
1972 © Naosherwan Anzar


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