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Bhau Kalchuri

Following previous instructions, Babadas, Vibhuti and Pandoba came to Pimpalgaon on Monday, February 25 [1946]. The first two men had come from Madras, and were quarreling about how to do Baba's work. Baba heard from both men, and let them fight it out in his presence. Each found fault with the other, and Baba slyly incited the heated squabble.

When they would finally calm down and become quiet, Baba would say something to excite them and the fight would start all over again. At last, it reached the stage where Babadas, in his irritation, called Vibhuti a fool.

"You're a bigger fool!" Vibhuti retorted. "To lead people astray, you wear a kafni and grow a long beard."

"You too are fooling people," Babadas accused, "by giving them Guru mantras as if you were a Master."

Thus, their quarrel brought out the truth of each one's faults, bad habits and weaknesses — which is exactly what Baba wanted. Pacifying them, Baba then reprimanded: "I had sent you both out for my work. I trusted you, but both of you have deceived me! How could you do my work when you both have become 'Babas'? You have no right to do that.

"You do not do my work, but sink deeper into the morass. If you want to continue doing so, then do not take my name before people and at the same time exhort your own virtues; because by your taking my name the responsibility becomes mine, and great harm will come to you due to this.

"Vibhuti was a leper, and I cured him. If he continues to act in this way, he will again become a leper!" Vibhuti and Babadas both sought Baba's forgiveness. Baba warned them not to behave like this ever again, and forgave them.


LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol. 9 & 10, p. 3099
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