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Meher Baba

The present world crisis, chaos and universal suffering are absolutely necessary for the eventual spiritual upliftment and for a new world wherein peace, love and Divine aspirations will reign supreme. None should therefore feel scared and dismayed, bearing in mind the certainty of this bright future.

From the spiritual point of reality, the words national and foreign, killed and killer, war and peace, success and defeat, have no existence and are imaginary dreams; and the present universal chaos is just a universal nightmare necessary for the universal awakening.

Body-forms and minds are innumerable and of infinite variety, but souls are all originally and eternally One. In fact, only One infinite reality exists and that is God. So this apparent world catastrophe is, by Divine will, essential for a Divine manifestation in the near future of love and real peace, in which I have to play the greatest part.

Men and women all over the world who care to share in My work can do so by trying their utmost to maintain a pure character; and to avoid strictly feelings of lust and enmity in any form. To try not to be the victims of fears nor of the weaknesses of lying and back-biting; in personal quarrels never to attack anyone save in defending the weak, but to do even that absolutely without hatred; to meditate on Divine Love for any period every day, according to individual circumstances....


TREASURES, pp. 213-214, ed. Jane B. Haynes
1980 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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