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The unity and solidarity of the inner planes make it possible for the Master to use his disciple as an instrument for his work even when the disciple is unaware of serving this larger purpose of the Master. This is possible because the disciple, through his love and understanding of the Master as well as his obedience and surrender, establishes a rapport with the Master and comes to be in tune with him. Those who come into direct contact with the Master receive his direct help, and those who are closely connected with his disciples receive the Master's indirect help.

The sharing of spiritual work is by no means onesided. Even the disciples who merely think of the Master or meditate upon him have the privilege of sharing the spiritual and universal work in which the Master might be engaged at that moment. As he is one with Eternity, the Master is beyond time and all limitations of time. As he is also interested in the spiritual upliftment of humanity, he assumes many of the limitations of time; and his work can be helped by the voluntary cooperation of his disciples.

The Master feeds upon the love of his disciples and utilizes the spiritual forces released by them for his universal work. In this way the Master is like the relay station that receives a song only in order to broadcast it to the world at large. To love the Master is to love all, not merely symbolically but actually; for what the Master receives on the inner planes of consciousness he spiritualizes and distributes. Thus he not only strengthens the personal links that the disciples may have with him but also gives them the privilege of sharing his divine work.


DISCOURSES, 7th ed, pp. 189-190
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