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Adi K. Irani

A mother loves her child and can teach him or her everything she knows; but Meher Baba has the whole family of humanity to look after. This may sound fantastic, but it is true.

From a reservoir water can flow to every nook and corner of a town, house, garden or street, but no one can make use of it unless the pipelines are laid and the required water-flow is channeled and directed. Likewise, the sense of doing Baba-work could be attributed to this need for a pipeline system.

Work can be done in many ways. Creating a center offers people a facility for coming together to sing, pray and discourse. This is one of the ways of doing Baba-work collectively.

There are some Baba-lovers who for years have been working and sacrificing silently and undemonstratively, giving all they can to uphold the truth of their love and conviction, which they accept as a gift from their Beloved Baba.

Everyone works in his or her own way. Some work comes to the view of others; other work may remain ever concealed, known only to the doer and the one for whom it is done. Such work has its own charm, strength and merit. It stays like unflamed fire, ever warm and potent.


JUST TO LOVE HIM, pp. 85-86
1985 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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