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Elizabeth Patterson

So sorry that you are confronted by crisis between M. and E. Baba once told the reporter in London, when asked what His work was, that it was to eliminate the ego — and I guess it is a job never-ending with humanity. Of course if Baba's disciples were all "saints," He probably wouldn't have needed to come. However these are all "tests" and Baba wants us not to be crushed, but strengthened by them — that I am quite sure you know.

Also, know that I wish I might save you from some of these personality conflicts, were I there, but I can't very well be there now. The strangest part is that in Baba's work the "crises" seem to come through overzealousness or competition among followers who in their own way want to do Baba's work, and forget or do not understand that it is Baba Himself who does the work. This last I know that you know — but you have been blessed by direct experience from Baba, and many letters, and are fortunate.


LETTERS OF LOVE FOR MEHER BABA, p. 313, Jane Barry Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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