Francis Brabazon


At one time He was called Jesus, at another Mohammed,
at one time Krishna, at another Buddha:
each time was a shining and a piercing of the gathered clouds
of ignorance and showing men their man-Way to Perfection,
the Way of truth and fellowship and lovely art -- Himself
the Demonstration of its conclusion; and at the same time
reaffirming to the ant his ant-Way and to birds
bird-Way -- to all creatures, He-themselves, Him.

The same Sun was merely the gladness of one, another
it burnt to ashes so that he became God.
The same Wind was a whispering breeze in the sheltered valley,
and a Gale on the tops of the mountains. The same love
to one was a touch in his dream slightly remembered,
to another the Kiss which initiated final union.


As Jesus He had to get Himself crucified -- since earth is the junction
of heaven and hell -- in order to get His words fulfilled and establish
His Word. As Krishna He had to get shot with an arrow and allow
the abduction of the Gopis -- since His business had been with arrows
and flute-playing (and beauty is always violated by the world) --
in order to establish love. As Buddha He had to eat poisoned food --
since He was a mendicant begging His food -- in order to uphold
His doctrine of transiency and demonstrate compassion to every one
and thing. As Mohammed He had to get stoned -- since He loved
as a man among men in a world of stones -- in order to establish
in men's hearts democracy. As Baba He has had to get involved
in car accidents -- since He has come to a world of machines --
in order to break the backbone of machines' materiality
and establish their proper usage in Man's spiritual life.

STAY WITH GOD, pp. 130-131
Copyright 1977 Francis Brabazon

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