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Avatar Meher Baba was born on February 25, 1894, at about 5:15 a.m. in Poona, MS, India.


My First Real Birthday
Baba called this day, February 12, 1952, his "first real birthday."
My First Real Birthday
"O God! To-day being my first real birthday, my heart expresses that the declaration of the "Life" by me was entirely Yours and by Your Will, because nothing happens save by Your Will.
1923: Baba's birthday, February 19, 1923
Laughing was the order of the day. Everyone was made to laugh and laugh by Baba because he said it promoted digestion!
1925: To Wash His Feet
"What's happening, please?" I asked when awakened. "Hurry, Mehera, get up. It's Baba's birthday!" the girls told me.
1925: It Was Not Your Fault
Naja happened to walk by and laughed, and it seemed as though she had laughed at a man present.
1927: Thirty-Third Birthday Celebration
Only after the mandali removed the pile of garlands from his neck did they discover the swarm of bees.
1927: Unforgettable Birthday
Baba allowed every disciple to pour a potful of hot water over His shoulders and back. We were nearly a hundred.
1934: The Greatest Law Of God
Where there is love there is Oneness, and there can be no question of any particular religion or caste or system, superiority or inferiority, and touchability or untouchability.
1936: Where There Is Love There Is Oneness
But to realize this natural equality permanently one has to submit to the greatest law of God, which is Love.
1936: He Is Matchless -- Unique!
What extraordinary love it is when the Master worships his disciple.
1946: Suffering comes and goes
All suffering has an end. Spiritual happiness has no end. It is perennial.
1954: The Slave Of Those Who Really Love Me
You can know me as one of you and one in you only when the veils of separateness are lifted, and this can be done if you love me honestly and wholeheartedly.
1954: Such A Gift Of Pure Love
To the amazement of all, Baba straightaway took the arti tray with the burning camphor on it and waved the tray Himself to the assembled masses while arti continued, as if Baba were performing arti to His own Self in all.
1954: Befitting The Durbar Of God
On the 25th of February 1954, the 60th Birthday of Avatar Meher Baba was celebrated in Tadepalligudem with great jubilation and magnificence.
1958: Baba's Birthday 1958
After sitting through half of The Ten Commandments, Baba returned to Ashiana with Eruch, this time allowing the others to see the whole movie.
1960: Baba Was Delighted
Nariman and I decided we would give Beloved Baba a car for His birthday in 1960.
1965: Be true to the Trust I repose in you
No sooner you begin to love those whom you cannot love, you begin to love Me as I should be loved.
1965: Seventy-First Birthday
That morning at Meherazad, an unexpected but welcome visitor arrived. It was Begum Akhtar.
1967: Births and deaths are illusory phenomena
My Love will draw them to Me whose hearts long to have a dip in the Ocean of My Love.
All Religions Belong To Baba
In Ahmednagar, a six-hour procession took place with 30,000 people, and over one hundred gaily colored bullock carts took part.
Garlands Of Jasmine And Roses Piling Up
The whole village seemed to have turned up for Baba's darshan.
Birthday Showers
If it was Baba's seventieth birthday, for example, the Andhra lovers would celebrate it in some places for seventy days.
Meher Darshan In Tears Of Joy
When compared to previous advents, Meher Baba's advent as the Avatar of our Age is unique in the sense he is accessible to all humanity.

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