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Meher Baba

The affairs of the universe will continue without my paying any special attention to them, and without being any burden on the Creator. The subject of discourses and explanation is a headache to me.

One's breathing is natural and one has not to pay any attention to it, but after some exertion, the mind becomes conscious of it. In the same way, the affairs of the universe go on without my paying any special attention to them. But when it comes to the matter of giving explanations, I feel like one who has climbed a steep mountain and become breathless.

Discoursing is a burden for me. It reminds me of the affairs of the universe, and the discussions and explanations that are included in the affairs of the universe become more of a burden to me.

Playing marbles, flying kites and playing gilla-danda and cricket are also included in the affairs of the universe, but they unburden the burden. It is like coming down a hill; it is more a relaxation than an exertion....

Very rarely can one see me as I really am. You see everything except me. What ever others see and experience is not what I really am. It is just a curtain surrounding my Reality. Even to see this curtain takes luck. Even the highest type of inner experience falls short of my Real State.

When the heart is completely purified, God is realized. God forgives everything except hypocrisy, which He never forgives.

Do not give any importance to explanation, discourses and books. Words carry no meaning. What ever we think we understand, we have not really understood. Reality is beyond human understanding, beyond samaj (Understanding), God is beyond understanding. On the contrary, intellect must go before knowledge dawns.


BABA'S GRACE, 2nd ed, pp. 74-75
2005 © Waryam Singh Sahni
Meher Baba's words © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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