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God-realization not only results in the attainment by the individual of an inviolable unity with all life, but also in his dynamic expression of this final realization of truth through a spontaneous and undivided life of love, peace and harmony. The life of the God-realized is a pure blessing to all humanity.

Listen, Humanity, p. 170, ed. Don E. Stevens
1982 © AMBPPCT


God-Realization Is Always Given By One Master Only
It is only for Irfan — Gnosis — that sometimes contact with more than one master is necessary.
Mind Has to Die While It Is In A Human Body
The real Goal of life is not the death of the ego but the death of the mind.
There is Only ONE
In the Beyond-State of God, sex does not exist. There only the One, Indivisible Existence prevails.
Why Not Make Me Realize God Now?
But why should it be you?
Awake For All Time
Know that you are in essence eternal, and heirs to infinite Knowledge, Bliss and Power.
A Splendid Metaphor About God-Realization
Supppose the ocean equals God. But in the beginning, the ocean did not know that it was a mighty ocean.
The Whole Of Creation Is A Play Of Thoughts
But you cannot realize your freedom by merely hearing this from me, because your mind continues to entangle you in illusion.
Come Unto Me
Come to receive My Love.
Truth Has To Be Experienced
You can see God. He is not anywhere outside, but right within you. So you must seek Him within.
The Divine Game
All My actions are My Divine response born of My Divine Love.
Become One — Merge With The Bliss
By thinking and imagining, one can never become one with God.
Remember This!
After liberation you continue to experience infinite bliss eternally. Why?
How To Escape Illusion
Should...complete surrender not be possible, then one or some of the following, if faithfully carried out, can win the grace of God:
Value Of Grace
I have the Experience and from that Experience, I affirm that it is the work of a moment for the Qutub to root out all past actions.
You Are Not Bound At All
During the course of conversation some other lover asked, "Baba, how can we be relieved of our bindings?"
Two Types Of Ego
When the mirror of My Grace descends, your own True Self is revealed in an instant.
Five Spiritual Facts
Man, as man, sees himself in everyone and everything.
Illusion Comes And Goes But The Soul Remains
What is meant by God-realization is to actually experience this important thing — that the soul is eternal.
Become Free In This Very Life
So love God and become free in this very life. This love can be expressed in various way, ultimately resulting in Union with God.
One who has become One with God, exists for all, both good and bad.
The Truth-Inspired Mind-Heart
Only after the mind-heart is fully infused with Truth, do all of its distortions disappear.
Every One Of You Is God
You are afraid of the very idea that you are God! But it is a fact.
This Intense Longing
There are millions of people who believe in God but do not care even to see Him. They are satisfied with merely ilmul Yakin (intellectual certainty).
Dynamic Freedom
The divinized impressions are infinitely creative and efficient, because they are infinitely submissive to the Self.
You Then Actually Experience Being Unlimited
Realization means being fully awake in the sound-sleep state.
Omniscience, Omnipotence And Unlimited Bliss
The life of the God-realized is a pure blessing to all humanity.
Self-Forgetfulness Can Be Practised By Everyone
Self-denial is arduous and forced while self-forgetfulness is easy and natural.
To Dwell In Eternity
To realize God is to dwell in eternity; it is a timeless experience.
The Cup Of My Bliss Overflows
During the course of my spiritual working, very often the cup of my bliss overflows and I share it with the fortunate ones nearest at hand.
The Heights Of Realization
That is why I do not simply take you to the heights of Realization
I Am Bliss Personified
Some persons may acquire Realization today; if not today, then tomorrow.
The Habit Of Ninda
The worst and most difficult of all to eliminate is the habit of ninda: speaking ill and trying to find faults or flaws in others.
All I Give Is God
You say you want God-realization.
This Divinely Ordained Moment
With God's infinite, unconditional compassion, this divinely ordained moment (ghadi) instantly annihilates all separation.
Truth Is Simple
The person is rare who possesses an insatiable longing for Truth; the rest allow Illusion to bind them ever more and more.
Hope For Realization
It is never presumptuous for anyone to hope for Realization.
The "Need"
Go whenever, wherever and however he likes and orders you to, and have every word of His carried out, and your "need" (object of Self Realization) will be served sooner or latter, according to your own actions and deserving.
Inner Poise And Adequate Adjustment
This is why the first God-realized person did not need an incarnate master, while all subsequent masters inescapably need some master or masters in order to realize God.
Eternal And Infinite Self.
As soon as you see me as I really am, everything else will disappear and you will find yourself to be your own eternal and infinite self.
God Knows Not, To God Knows Self
As a Perfect Master, when man becomes God and knows He has been man, for all time His creation remains imagination and He remains SELF-conscious.
The Veils That Separate
For those of us He really loves, He crushes the veil of our own existence that separates us from Him — our own existence being the veil that separates us from Him.
The Infinite Treasure
To acquire the gift of divine knowledge, a person must have a close connection with a Perfect Master.
Awake For All Time
Once I awaken in your heart, you too will awake for all time.
What Will You Get?
What will you get when you get Realization? You will only realize what you already are. But you are that! You are that already.
What Is Grace?
Suppose I happen to have the whim to make you realize God — simply because you happen to be near me physically at that moment — and you do realize God. That is grace.
You Have Won
"When Rumi lost the game he could not help crying out to Shams, 'I have lost'.
Longing, Patience And Rock-Like Faith
A smart bird that is caught in a trap does not flap its wings to free itself. It remains quiet and unflustered, waiting for an opportunity to escape.
Cooled But Latent Longing
This state of cooled but latent longing is preliminary to realisation of the Infinite.
The Affairs Of The Universe
When the heart is completely purified, God is realized.
House Of God
Baba went on to say that if we are able to cross the threshold and make that transition under the safe guidance of a Spiritual Master, then we suddenly reach light and the fifth plane when one actually feels God.
Putting An End To All That You Do Not Know
Knowingly or unknowingly, man is ever seeking the Goal, which is to realize his true Self.
External Outbursts By A Saint
The nature or Tabiyat of a person after becoming one with God remains the same, but it is expressed in a different light.
Realizing The Infinite Universe Or The Self
Anubhav — the experience of Self-realization — entails that the Infinite Intelligence must think Itself instead of thinking Its imagination through these imperfect or perfect forms.
The Happiness Of God-Realization
The happiness of God-realization is the Goal of all Creation.
Four Solutions For God-Realization
Only one in lakhs and that too after cycles can get God-realization. But don't be disappointed at all this delay and trouble. There are three solutions for this.
Very Far-Off And Abstract Goal, Part 1, Part 2
It is never presumptuous for anyone to hope for Realization.
God-Realization Takes Only A Split-Second
Shams said, "No, this time you have won it." That very instant Rumi got God-realization from his Master Shams.
From The Realization Point Of View
God-realization is always given by one Master only.
Some Get It Unasked
Sometimes it is also infinitely impossible for one to receive that love.
Time Steeped In Infinite Eagerness And Patience
Time steeped in infinite eagerness and patience rolls on and, at the opportune moment, the aspirant begins to lose the awareness of himself as being a separate "self."
I Am Both Divine And Human
Those who stay with me will, in the end, not only feel my divinity but will also experience it.
Become One — Merge With The Bliss
Union is possible only after the death of thoughts and imagination — the mind must die.
Harmony With The Universe
The goal of Realization does not necessarily imply, for an average man, denial of things good or bad.

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