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Mani Irani

One morning someone from a theosophical society, obviously a very learned person in his own estimation, came to see Baba for the first time, and asked Him for a message.

Baba said, "My message is, love God to such an extent that you become God. That Love is a gift from God.

"One of the means by which it can also be won is selfless service — the selfless service should be so sublime that you should not even have a thought that you are serving!

"Truth has to be experienced, and for that one has to go beyond mind, which is so difficult that it is just about impossible!

"You can love God. You can see God. He is not anywhere outside, but right within you. So you must seek Him within.

"Conviction through understanding is possible (by reading and contemplation etc.) but conviction by sight is the real conviction. After that, some rare one can achieve conviction by actual becoming — i.e. realizing God.

"What I say is not mere words of intellect, but of Experience. They are not words coming from the mind, but from experience of the Beyond. I am the One, the Only One, and experience Myself one with all.

"When I break My silence the world will come to know who I am. As a rule, in the past it has been the lot of posterity to know who the Avatar was. But in this unique Avataric advent the world will know who the Avatar IS while Baba is yet on earth."


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