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The real Goal of life is not the death of the ego but the death of the mind. When Mohammed or Jesus or Zoroaster talked of being born once and of dying once, it was of the mind [and not of the body]. When mind dies totally, the false ego becomes Real I [i.e., false ego is completely effaced and Real I manifests].

In reality ego is not born and as such it does not die. Ego [as witness consciousness] is always Real. It is only due to mind that ego acts and feels limited and false.

Mind takes the body according to its good and bad impressions. Taking up and giving up of bodies is not the mind or the ego taking birth or dying. Every time when body is discarded, mind survives, impressions remain.

These impressions press on mind to spend them by taking another body. So mind takes another body according to the impressions; ego witnesses. And another body and another.

When you are in sound sleep, ego, mind and sanskaras are there. Sanskaras wake up mind. They say, "Go on, spend us." Waking up from the sound sleep is, in a way, an everyday birth for the body. When one body is left, another body comes up though there is a time lag between the giving up of one body and taking up another.

Mind exists even when a new body is not given to the ego; it is the mind-state of heaven or hell. But mind has to die while it is in a human body, retaining full consciousness. This is the Goal.


GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 2, p. 343, Bal Natu
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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